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Since we started staying at home, I've noticed a lot of vegetable garden supplies lying around on the balcony, which has me quite concerned, but every year we only grow herbs.
Mint, which is a low-maintenance plant, is one of my favorites.
This year, the apple mint is starting to grow rapidly.

Well, this time too, we will be following the #It's so easy STAYHOME theme and bringing you some refreshing minty items available at It's so easy.

■ Tastes just like freshly picked mint
"gr ö n/ CBD Oil (Peppermint)"

*Photo on the left

Since the self-restraint mode began in April, It's so easy's shopping orders have been transferred to the WEB SHOP.

Among them, the one that stands out and is rapidly gaining popularity day by day is gr ö n's CBD oil. *It is a food product.

Shortly after we started selling our products, the stay-at-home order began, and we missed the opportunity to directly introduce them to customers and let them try samples... That's what I thought, but I guess that just goes to show that "good products are good."

With the world being like this, it's difficult to go to the hospital easily, and I even want to avoid catching a cold.

It's only natural that people would want to consume excessive amounts of health foods and supplements.

It seems that many people are searching for words such as stress, insomnia, hormonal balance, autonomic nervous system disorders, and above all, building immunity and creating a body that can withstand viruses.

One of the hits seems to be gr ö n's CBD oil, with some people finding the It's so easy web shop while surfing the internet, or clicking on the hashtag.

The most popular flavor of It's so easy is the lemon lime flavor. However, I'm recommending the mint flavor this time, so I'll introduce it with the mint recommendation.

I love gin and tonic, so I squeeze in some lemon or lime and then add a few drops of this CBD oil (mint) at the end.

It's refreshing and doubles the flavor. I often drink carbonated water, so I add drops. I put it in almost all drinks that I enjoy with mint.

Sometimes I apply it on my wrists or temples when I'm feeling a bit gloomy after the rain .

When I hear mint flavor, I imagine a gentle, refreshing mint flavor, but this has a cool, refreshing taste. Is it more like a tang of mint?

So I agree with the comment that "it can also be used to flavor food and drinks."

Lemon lime is a sour lemon. It is similar to lemon juice, so I think it can be used in a wide range of ways.

It goes well with alcohol and food. It's sure to be delicious with pasta and ethnic dishes! It's no wonder it's the most popular.

Although I started using Grön oil as part of my health management, I prioritize its deliciousness and continue to consume it every day, making various adjustments to it.

If you are looking to start using USDA-certified vegan CBD oil, I think grön is the perfect product for first-time users.

■When it comes to daily mints, toothpaste is the answer

"Davids / Whitening Tooth Paste (Spearmint)"

*Center of photo

Any recommendations for organic toothpaste?

When asked, I would answer Davids.

This is not because the staff is biased, but because we honestly think it is a good product. Once you taste the toothpaste made with fresh mint oil delivered directly from the farm, you can't help but buy it again and again. My heart is beating fast with anticipation to try all the varieties.

It whitens your teeth, is cost-effective, looks stylish, and has a good flavor.

Now that we are spending more time at home, if you want to refresh yourself with toothpaste, you can enjoy different flavors and use it several times a day without getting bored.

This is because Americans like to enjoy a variety of flavors, so it's common for them to keep several different flavors of toothpaste on their bathroom sink.

I suddenly remembered hearing that story, and while I was staying at home, I started using spearmint and herbal citrus mint depending on my mood, and indulged in a little luxury.


■Mint body oil is perfect for those humid, sticky seasons.

"BOTTEGA ORGANICA / Dual Action Body Treatment (Peppermint)"

*Photo on the right

To explain without further ado, it is a lotion-based body oil spray.

It is a two-layer formula made of cucumber fruit water and olive oil, so all you have to do is shake it well and spray it all over your body.

I often start using this body oil spray around this time of year, just before the rainy season begins, and it's really comfortable to use.

It is also good for leg fatigue and swelling caused by desk work or standing jobs.

As it is a brand that uses 100% organic ingredients, the cooling sensation and scent of peppermint is just like natural peppermint.

Another great feature is that the spray structure spreads the mist widely, making it easy to use in hard-to-reach areas such as the back.

It's refreshing and feels good to cool down after a bath, and I use it during the day to protect myself from the sun and as a substitute for insect repellent. Let's make sure it's useful this summer too !

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