Shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide (free for orders over 11,000 yen including tax)

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

About orders and purchases

How do I order from the online store?
For more information on ordering procedures, please click here .
Can I order over the phone?
We also accept orders over the phone. When ordering over the phone, payment by cash on delivery or credit card is available. If you would like to order over the phone, please contact us using the details below. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries other than about orders or after purchase.
TEL: 03-3400-0340 (Hours: 11:00-19:00, Closed on Tuesdays)
*There may be times when we are unable to answer the phone, such as when we are serving customers.
Can I order by fax?
We do not accept orders via fax.

Delivery Information

Who is the delivery company?
We will deliver it via Sagawa Express.
How will it arrive?
We will carefully deliver your item to you in a plain cardboard box combined with It's so easy's original tape. In order to prevent damage to products during transportation, products may be protected and shipped with cushioning material (paper or plastic). We will deliver products in boxes and cushioning materials of the size appropriate for the ordered products, so we cannot accept requests for specific packaging materials. For small products, we may deliver them in bags instead of cardboard boxes.
Is there a shipping charge?
If the total price of your items is 11,000 yen or more (tax included), we will ship your order free of charge.
If the total price of the products is less than 11,000 yen (tax included), we will charge 600 yen (tax included).
Shipping costs are a flat rate nationwide, including Hokkaido, Okinawa, and other remote islands.
How many days will it take for delivery?
If you do not specify a delivery date and time when placing your order, the product will be shipped from our company on the day of your order at the earliest, and within 3 days at the latest. Normally, orders placed before 12:00 noon on a business day will be shipped on the same day, and orders placed after that will be shipped the next day.
Can I specify a date and time?
Except for pre-ordered and back-ordered items, you can specify the delivery date and time when placing your order.
1. During sales periods, we may temporarily suspend accepting requests for specific delivery dates and times.
2. If normal delivery methods, such as sea freight, are difficult, we may not be able to accommodate your request for a specific delivery date and time.
3. We cannot accept any delivery dates or times other than those available on the website.
I want to know the delivery status of my order
You can check the details yourself on the delivery company's website using the "delivery company" and "inquiry number" listed in the "Shipment Complete Email" that we send you after shipment has been completed. Click here for Sagawa Express parcel inquiry service
Can I change the delivery time slot etc. after placing an order?
Due to system limitations, once your order is confirmed, we will begin the shipping process, so we are unable to accept any changes to delivery details after the order has been completed. For changes to the delivery date and time or delivery address, please contact the delivery company yourself using the "delivery company" and "inquiry number" listed in the "Shipment Complete Email" that we send to you after shipment is completed.
If the product receipt period has passed
Generally, products can be received within 7 days from the date of shipment. If you are not at home, Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. will contact you with an absence notification. Please arrange your desired delivery date and time within the receipt period and collect your item.
Your item will be automatically returned to us if:
・If you are unable to contact the contact details listed on your absence notification
If your address is unknown
If an item is returned, we will cancel the order and treat it as a refusal to receive it.
*Even if you have ordered and paid for an item with a credit card, the item will be automatically returned to us.
*If the item is returned to our store after the receipt period has expired, a handling fee of 2,000 yen will be charged.
*If you would like to have the item reshipped, please transfer the total amount plus a handling fee of 2,000 yen. After we return the item, we will contact you, so please reply that you would like to have it reshipped. We will then inform you of the transfer details and the amount.

Online Store Membership/Login

Can I check or change my membership registration information?
You can check and change the email address, address, and other information you have registered with the online store by logging in and going to "Change Member Information" on your My Page.
Can I purchase without registering as a member?
Yes, you can purchase as a guest without registering as a member.

About gift wrapping

Can I get gift wrapping?
We ask that you pay a wrapping fee of 440 yen (tax included) per package.
When you proceed to the order screen, please select the gift option.
*If you would like special wrapping, we may ask you to pay an additional fee for the wrapping. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding in advance.
Can I have a gift tag attached?
We do not offer gift wrapping services online. If you have time, we may be able to accommodate your request, so please contact us using the inquiry form or by phone (03-3400-0340).
If I order multiple items, can I have them wrapped individually?
Individual wrapping is also available. If you would like to have some of the items in your order wrapped, or if you would like them wrapped individually, please be sure to include the details of your wrapping request in the "Message (order request)" section. *If no instructions are given, we will generally wrap and deliver your items as together as possible.
Can you deliver the item so that the sender's name is known?
Even if the delivery address is different from the orderer, we will deliver the item in a way that the sender's information is known. The invoice (delivery note) that will be included will clearly state the sender's (orderer's) name and address. Please also rest assured that the invoice will not state the price of the selected item.
Can I have the item delivered without anything indicating the price?
If you request gift wrapping, we will deliver the item without including anything indicating the price, so please rest assured on this point. Please be assured that there will be no price indications on the invoice that will be included with your order.
Can you handle large-volume wrapping for wedding gifts, etc.?
We also accept requests for bulk orders from companies and wedding favors. We may also be able to arrange for products that are not listed on the WEBSHOP. Delivery may take longer than usual, so please feel free to contact us by email first.




What payment methods are available?
We accept credit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, cash on delivery and Paypal deferred payment.
I want to know how to use Amazon Pay
For more information about Amazon Pay, please click here .
I want to know how to use Paypal Pay Later
For Paidy Deferred Payment, we will issue an invoice on the 1st of the following month, with the final amount due at the end of each month, and will inform you by email or SMS (short message) by the 3rd of the month. Invoices can be paid at convenience stores (at convenience store terminals), by bank transfer, or by direct debit. For more information about our Pay Later service, please click here . Please click here for answers to frequently asked questions about Paypal.

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