Shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide (free for orders over 11,000 yen including tax)
WEB SHOP ギフトラッピングが新しく生まれ変わります

WEB SHOP Gift wrapping is reborn

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of It's so easy.

The gift wrapping on the WEB SHOP will be changed from the conventional gift box to wrapping using It's so easy original goods + logo ribbon. Our staff will choose the size according to the contents of your order and wrap it with care. All wrapping will be delivered with a paper bag and postcard for handing over.

We hope you will use it to give an important gift.

[Wrapping fee]
440 yen per packet (tax included)
*You can add gift wrapping on the cart screen

[Wrapping image]
Drawstring bag wrapping
Use it to store your travel amenities or as an everyday pouch. It's also cute as a portable battery holder.

It's so easy gift wrapping pouch

S size tote wrapping
A convenient size you've never seen before.
It's perfect for short trips, so it can also be used as a bag for your car.

It's so easy gift wrapping small tote

Medium size tote wrapping
It's the size of a regular eco bag, so it's useful to have one. It can be folded up small so it doesn't take up much space.

It's so easy gift wrapping medium size tote

Large Tote Wrapping
A large bag with a sturdy gusset.

It's so easy gift wrapping large tote
Paper bag and postcard
*If the gift is delivered directly to the recipient, it will not be included in the package.
It's so easy tote bag postcard

[Consultations available]
There are many items to choose from, with textures and scents that leave you wondering "what will it be like?" or "what I'm curious about!" Please feel free to contact us as if you were actually visiting our store, It's so easy.

TEL: 03-3400-0340

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