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Rainy Day , Happy Day

Rainy Day, Happy Day

■ Wash with Seabuckthorn oil "LIP/Delicate Zone Oil"

In recent years, awareness of delicate areas has increased,
Many items are also available from the organic series.
The soaps have a pH level suited to delicate areas and other items that have been carefully designed with women in mind, and once you try them out you'll think, "Wow, this might be great!"

From this delicate series, a product that washes with oil has been released.
The feature is sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn is a type of superfood that is very popular overseas.

It is also used in drinks, etc.
It is a superfood that is as well known as "acai" in Japan.
Sea buckthorn is an amazing fruit that contains omega 3, 6, 9 and even the rare omega 7.

How to use this oil:
Just apply two pumps as you get out of the bath and you're done.
Or you can just apply it and then wash it off in the shower, it's very simple.
I was worried that washing with oil would not leave a refreshing feeling.
After trying it, I thought I might like it better than the soap type! It has become one of my favorite items.

When we hear the word "oil," we tend to have preconceived notions that it is moist, slippery, and sticky, and helps to moisturize the skin, but LIP is a very simple, well-thought-out product that is smooth and does not become slimy even when mixed with water.
Rosemary has a refreshing, minty scent that is pleasant to use.
It can be used not only on delicate areas but also as a body soap (oil) without any problems.
*Especially recommended for those who wash their body with their hands.

Previously, when I was hiking on a trip, I accidentally got a terrible sunburn on both of my shoulders.
Even taking a shower is painful. When that happened, I tried using Lip and it was really good.
I felt it had more of an effect than aloe vera.
For this reason, we would like to recommend this Sea Buckthorn product as one of our summer body care products.

■ Socks to wear during the rainy season: "joha / merino wool socks"

Ever since I became addicted to the comfort of merino wool, I can't wait for this year's rainy season.
During the rainy season, when stressful words like "sweaty, stuffy, sticky, cold, hot" tend to pop up, breathable clothing is very comfortable.
Merino wool is an excellent material that can be worn not only in winter but also in summer.
You can spend the summer without worrying about the temperature difference caused by the air conditioner.
There is no longer any need to carry a jacket around with you.

Among them, Joha socks are so comfortable that they make you go "Wow!"
The material is of course merino wool, so it's not thin,
There's nothing quite like wearing smooth, sweat-free socks.
On an unseasonably hot summer day when temperatures reached 40 degrees, high-cut Converse shoes provided firm support for my feet.
Even though I was playing outdoors, I didn't feel any heat or discomfort on my feet.
It feels smooth and silky when you take it off.

During the rainy season, try out the combination with rain boots.
I am sure you will have a stress-free time.
Above all, the simple design, length, and variety of colors make you want to collect them all.


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