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Laforet Market vol.7にIt's so easy が出店します!

It's so easy will be opening a stall at Laforet Market vol.7!


Laforet Market vol.7

-Free admission-

"A market where creativity (imagination) is born"

The 7th C ( Creator ) to C ( Customer ) Culture Market !

Date: Saturday, May 25th , 2019 - Sunday, May 26th , 2019

It 's so easy offers organic sheet masks "ORGAID" that are perfect for the coming season, as well as other products.

We will have some oral care products made with an eco-friendly theme available.

Please come and see our items that are perfect for gifts!


Laforet Harajuku, which has been spreading new culture and creations in Harajuku for many years, launched a new project, " Laforet Market " in September 2017. The theme changes each time with fashion, art, and music as keywords, and it aims to be a place where creators, manufacturers, and shops of all genres gather as a CtoC ( Creator to Customer ) market where you can encounter creations and spread culture. It is a new market where you can enjoy conversations with a variety of exhibitors who feel the "now" of Tokyo in Harajuku, where various people from locals to tourists come and go, and experience unique items. During the event, about 40 shops will be set up, and many workshops and performances by creators and artists will be held. Enjoy the culture market spread by Laforet Harajuku.

For more information on the event, please click here.

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