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A 1m long bath towel

If the towel you get out of the bath is stiff, it halves the sense of comfort you get from taking a bath, and you feel like you're suddenly brought back to reality. I've tried all sorts of tricks to make towels fluffy, but I never got the softness I was satisfied with. When I wrapped my whole body in Organic Air, I felt like I had never met such a comfortable towel before. It has a very high absorbency, but it never gets sticky. The more you wash it, the more the fibers loosen and it becomes softer and fluffier. It always interacts with your body with a clean softness.

Furthermore, AIR dries very quickly, so even if you dry clothes indoors during the rainy season, they will dry before bacteria can grow.

It dries quickly, is very compact, thin and light, and is the perfect towel to take with you outside. It seems that many people use it for bathing in hot springs, traveling, the gym, yoga, etc.

While working, I am always in disbelief that such towels, which in some ways seem unreal, can be obtained at such an affordable price.

It's been a few months since we got these towels, and we still can't find any flaws in them. Please come to the store and try them out for yourself.

STAFF: Nanami

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