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Cute, fluffy cleaning tools

This year, in the cultural anthropology seminar at university, I learned about the relationship between plants and animals through lectures and practical training. Specifically, I tilled the soil throughout the year, raised chickens from eggs, made curry, and visited a meat processing plant. Perhaps because I was in such a seminar, I became more conscious than ever of whether I was using processed plant and animal products with care.

Furthermore, while working in the store, I became interested in mi woollies/100% wool duster, so I asked the buyer at It's so easy some questions about the product.

And then, bravo, my woollies duster!
Apparently, they use parts that would normally be thrown away when processing wool into products.

Not only is it a considerate product for the sheep, but it also has benefits for us who use it. The secret is the lanolin oil contained in natural wool. It has the effect of attracting dust like a magnet and retaining it. In fact, it not only attracts dust, but also chemicals such as formaldehyde in the air! By placing it in a room, it has the effect of purifying the air.

It's a relaxing duster that looks great as an interior decoration, but because it's white, I thought dirt would be easily noticeable... but when I used it, it didn't show at all. And yet it removed dust nicely. Even if it gets really dirty, I can just wash it with wool detergent and use it again.

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