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ORGAID Ianさんとバイヤーとのトーク(後編)

A talk between ORGAID's Ian and a buyer (Part 2)

Ian is the founder of ORGAID, whose sheet masks are gaining popularity. Ian, who has just released a new skincare line that we are introducing on It's so easy, came to Japan from California, USA. For those of you wondering who Ian is and what kind of brand ORGAID is, we have split up our conversation with buyer Haneda into two parts, the first and second parts, and this is the second part.
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Haneda: In the first part, we talked about your private life. Now, I would like to delve deeper into the ORGAID brand. Please tell us the story of the beginning of ORGAID.
Ian (Ian in bold below) : It all started with a very shocking experience. One day, I happened to look at the labels of the skin care products my wife MJ uses and I was shocked. The ingredients list was full of harmful chemicals. I was really concerned that she was using them every day, morning and night.

It was a shocking ingredient.
Yes, as a scientist, I have been researching drug delivery for over 10 years. I have been researching what substances are harmful or harmless to the body and skin, how they travel through the body, which organs they reach, and what effects they have. For example, when you take a drug, how can you deliver it only to the parts of the body where you want it to have an effect? ​​As a scientist, when I evaluate the products my wife uses, I am simply shocked...
When I suggested to MJ that she transition to natural skin care, she was very frustrated because none of the natural skin care products she had tried had worked for her - she had no natural alternatives to the toxic products that she felt were effective.


So that's when you decided you wanted to create a product for MJ!
Yes, that's right. Fortunately, I realized that I could develop a natural skin care product that can effectively deliver the nutrients needed by using my knowledge of drug delivery. My wife came up with the idea of ​​creating a product that could be used every day without exposing people to harmful chemicals, so we converted our bedroom into a laboratory and the journey of ORGAID began.

So ORGAID started out as a result of your love for MJ.
Let me move away from branding for a moment and ask Ian a question as a drug delivery researcher.
Yes, please ask me anything.

Earlier you said that you were shocked when you saw the products MJ was using, but do the ingredients in cosmetics actually get into the body?
Yes, some ingredients can enter the body through various routes, including absorption through the skin, inhalation, and ingestion. For example, chemicals such as parabens and phthalates are commonly used in cosmetics and can be found in the urine and blood of people who regularly use these products.

I see. It does seem a bit scary to me, but is it something I should be concerned about?
Well, yes... it is true that cosmetic ingredients can be absorbed into the body, but most ingredients are safe if you use them according to the dosage and instructions on the product. But it's something to think about carefully.
For example, parabens have been used in food and cosmetics for a long time, but researchers have found that they may cause cancer. Now, parabens are considered a bad ingredient in the cosmetics industry. That means that for some synthetic chemicals, we don't know if they have long-term effects. On the other hand, we have been consuming natural ingredients for thousands of years. Their safety has already been proven. We should be aware of this. Organic ingredients are especially good because they are grown and harvested without toxic pest control. That's why we use organic ingredients in our skin care products.

Hearing this makes me think that I really want to use organic products. On the other hand, I feel that there are many people who are interested but hesitate to switch because they think they won't feel the effects as much as MJ did.

Why is it difficult to see clear effects from natural products in terms of penetration and improvement of skin quality?
That's a good question! There are a few reasons for this.
First, many natural ingredients are poorly absorbed by the skin due to their molecular size and structure, meaning they may not penetrate deep enough into the skin to have a significant impact on the appearance and health of your skin.

I see. How do ORGAID products address these issues? You mentioned earlier that natural ingredients are difficult to absorb, but when I first used ORGAID skin care products, I was surprised at how well they absorbed into my skin. They weren't sticky, and they weren't too refreshing either.
I'm glad you noticed and praised me. ORGAID uses various methods, from the ingredient level to the technical aspects of the formulation, to give the best results to the skin. The technical aspects of the formulation are very important. For example, the size of the micelles (a group of molecules) is an important factor that determines whether or not the product is absorbed, but it is very difficult to control the size of the micelles in products derived from natural sources. I tried and failed many times, but I was finally able to create something that I was satisfied with.

Amazing! I don't think there are many organic skincare brands talking about micellar skincare. I have a feeling this conversation is going to get more and more technical.
Hahaha, once I start talking I can't stop.
I'll keep going (laughs)

Another reason why it is difficult to feel the effects is the difference between chemicals and plant ingredients. Some chemicals are developed specifically for individual skin problems such as pigmentation and acne. On the other hand, plants synthesize a wide variety of compounds. Generally, these compounds are called "phytochemicals" and it is said that there are tens of thousands of them. This has an overall effect on the condition of the skin, but does not target a specific condition.

And, this is very important, the efficacy of natural ingredients varies greatly depending on the place of origin of the raw materials and the extraction method. It is important to choose a product not only based on whether it is "natural" or "synthetic," but also on its formulation, efficacy, and safety.

Do the effects vary depending on the origin of the ingredients?
Yes. That's why we source our ingredients from all over the world and choose the best quality ingredients. Depending on the weather and conditions, ingredients from one region may be better than others. For example, our rose water comes from organic roses from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the best producer, with soil and weather suited to roses.

Do you have any particular preferences when it comes to extracting ingredients?
We extract the extracts from plants in-house to maximize the power of nature. We once tried to outsource it, but the quality and aroma disappeared as soon as we opened it. To maintain the quality of our products, we hand-make our organic plant extracts while they are fresh and of high quality. This is what makes us different from other companies' products. We control the quantity and quality of the products we produce, as well as the temperature and humidity, and produce small quantities every day. We try various extraction methods to find the best conditions for the skin.

Was there anything in particular that was difficult to develop?
It took a long time to develop the face scrub. Natural organic ingredients are prone to change, so it was really difficult to create a formula that would stabilize the ingredients so that they could be used for a long time. Synthetic silicone beads of uniform shape and size are often used as scrubs, but we use organic honey and brown rice. It is extremely difficult to make the shape and size uniform during the scrub process. It took us two years to find the optimal particle size and the combination and formula that would stabilize the ingredients.

Please tell us about your particular focus on the lineup. It's not based on skin type or skin concerns, but rather, for example, there's one type of lotion and one type of oil, so one product in each category, right? That seems a little unusual to me.
The lineup was based on the idea that "What if there were skin care products that could be freely combined to suit what the skin feels and sees, which changes depending on the day or the time of day, such as morning and evening?"

To allow for free combination, we divided our products into water-based and oil-based. This way, instead of using a fixed lotion or cream for every condition, you can change the ratio of water and oil to suit your skin on that day. The same goes for cleansing. Depending on the makeup you're wearing that day and what you've done, you need to choose between an oil-based cleanser, a soap-based face wash, or both. Just like finding a delicious recipe for cooking, we think it's our mission to help you find the best skincare recipe for your skin.

Instead of using many different products depending on the condition of your skin, you change the amount and combination of products you use. I really enjoy my skin care time, so I also enjoy the time I spend thinking about what would happen if I applied a little more oil, or how much water to mix into the scrub.

That's right, at ORGAID, people with dry skin and people with oily skin use the same products. I think many customers are surprised that the same products are used regardless of age, gender, skin type, or skin concerns. Skin care brands often categorize their products according to the type of skin they are aiming for, the type of problems they can address, and who is using them, such as "for dry skin," "to improve acne-prone skin," or "for people over 50." ORGAID only has one line, but what kind of skin can you achieve by using ORGAID?
ORGAID is skin care that aims to promote healthy skin. Aging is inevitable unless you undergo cosmetic surgery. However, you can age beautifully with healthy skin. Plump, radiant, healthy skin comes from proper skin care, a healthy diet, plenty of water, moderate exercise, positive thinking, and happiness.

Healthy skin! That sounds ideal. Smooth to the touch, moisturized, with an even skin tone... Above all, I want skin that's trouble-free. I hope I can keep my skin in a stable condition, unaffected by factors that could cause skin problems, such as my menstrual cycle or changes in the environment.
That's the kind of skin I want everyone to aim for. ORGAID is like a proper diet. Eating good food is not like taking medicine. Organic and natural skin care products do not give you immediate results. By using ORGAID, you can strengthen your immune system and keep foreign substances away from your skin. This is not like taking a fever reducer when you have a fever. Although fever reducers have an immediate effect, you probably don't want to use them every day. There are also concerns about side effects. Everyone can have some kind of reaction to chemical products. On the other hand, eating a proper diet allows your body to heal naturally over time. Continuing every day, regardless of whether you're feeling well or not, is a safe choice for your health. In the same way, ORGAID skin care brings the power of nature, which you can use to your advantage and protect the health of your skin on your own.

It nurtures the skin slowly. I've been using it for almost half a year since it was released, and it helped me get through the pollen season in early spring. Come to think of it, there was no fluctuation. Oh yeah, and I feel like my skin has become clearer recently! It means that my skin is slowly but surely changing.

Now, finally, could you give a message to It's so easy customers?
Hello everyone. It's so easy is the perfect place to find gifts for yourself and your loved ones, who always put health and wellbeing first. I'm honored to be a part of It's so easy, and we will continue to strive to make a positive impact on you and the planet. I hope to meet you in person in the near future, discuss many topics, and do something better together. We are stronger together than we are alone!

thank you very much.

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