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ORGAID Ianさんとバイヤーとのトーク(前編)

A talk between ORGAID Ian and a buyer (Part 1)

Ian is the founder of ORGAID, whose sheet masks are gaining popularity. Ian, who has just released a new skincare line that we are introducing on It's so easy, came to Japan from California. Who is Ian? What kind of brand is ORGAID? For those of you who are curious, we will be delivering a two-part interview with buyer Haneda.
The first part is a private talk that gives you an insight into Ian's personality.

Haneda: It's been a while! I'm happy to see you again in Japan. Today, we're talking on It's so easy. How do you feel coming to It's so easy after such a long time?
Ian (Ian in bold below) : It's great to meet you all. The store is so neat and tidy, and the displays are lovely. The staff are so friendly, and even before I leave I'm hoping to come back soon.

Thank you. I'm very happy to hear that. ORGAID products look very gorgeous just by lining them up. Of course, the contents are beautiful, but many people choose the sheet masks in the box as gifts because of their appearance.


We also put a lot of effort into our packaging. We wanted to make sure that our products looked organic. We used environmentally friendly paper, glass, and bamboo for the packaging, and biodegradable materials for the sheet mask sheets. The paper box for the sheet masks is particularly elaborate, with our logo and flower illustrations, as well as strings and buttons. This is because we wanted people to feel like they were giving their products a little gift when they picked them up. It's done by hand, so it takes a lot of work, but we have no intention of stopping. Now this packaging has become synonymous with us, and is loved by many people!

That's right, we met in Kyoto at the end of last year, just before the launch of the skincare line in Japan. I was glad that you came to Japan on a family trip.
We had a wonderful time together as a family, staying in Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto. It was our first trip abroad as a family outside of Korea, where my parents live, and my wife MJ and I were impressed by how quickly our sons grew up, seeing them carry their own bags, follow unfamiliar customs, and learn about a completely different culture.

I was also able to meet your two children for the first time in a while, and I was surprised to see that they were both grown-ups, even though I had the impression that they were just small, cute kids. Speaking of different cultures, can you share an episode from your time at Arima Onsen?
Of course. One of the things we were looking forward to on this trip was going to hot springs. The kids couldn't believe that they had to take off all their clothes and bathe in front of strangers, and of course they were very surprised as it was their first experience. It took a long time for them to get into the hot springs, and they kept asking, "Really? Do we have to take our clothes off?"

I could just imagine them squealing with joy and it made my heart warm. It seems like you had a lot of fun apart from the hot springs, but was there anything that made an impression on you in Japan?
After all, you can't talk about Japan without mentioning food!
I love Japanese food so much that before I got married, I even came to Japan just to eat. This time, my sons also enjoyed the food and it seemed like they had grown to like Japanese food, so that made me happy too. Just like my sons! (laughs)
Sushi, katsudon, eel, ramen, omurice... all of these became favorites for the whole family. My second son Logan still talks about how delicious the lemon juice he bought at 7-Eleven was, and both of them keep saying, "We have to go to Japan to eat again!" They also seemed to like the Pokemon Center a lot. Of course, I and MJ want to come back again. I hope we can meet in Kyoto again next year.

What was the best food you had on your trip?
My sons each voted that Japanese croissants are the best in the world, and MJ and I enjoyed a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji. The sea urchin and eel were the best. We love the fresh flavors that you can only get in Japan.

It was a trip where you could enjoy eating from convenience stores to restaurants!
By the way, what is your daily life like in Los Angeles where you live?
I enjoy spending time with my family, eating MJ's home-cooked meals, and on the weekends I enjoy playing soccer and basketball with my two sons. I also enjoy golf, and recently started teaching my oldest son how to play.
It is also important for us to live a sustainable life, and as part of that, my wife MJ and I believe it is important to support local businesses. We regularly use products from local companies, such as dish soap bars and home microgreen cultivation systems. Not only are they local, but we are also attracted to their ideas and sustainability.
Living a sustainable life can start with small things. There are many fun things to do, like recycling cans and bottles, growing and cooking with herbs, or making your own skin care products like I do. Oh, and by the way, using ORGAID skin care products also contributes to a sustainable life.

You seem to be conscious of sustainability in your everyday life. Please tell us your thoughts on sustainability as an ORGAID brand.
We believe that "sustainability" is important for the environment, our health, and society. That's why we encourage everyone to use sustainable skincare products like ORGAID. Conventional skincare products often contain ingredients that are sourced unsustainably, which can harm our health and the global environment. ORGAID sources natural, organic ingredients in a safe, sustainable way that minimizes the burden on the environment.
Our sheet masks are also fully compostable and our packaging uses minimal plastic. Choosing sustainable skin care products also helps protect fair working conditions and local communities. By making more sustainable choices, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

thank you.
In the next part, we will finally take a deeper look at the ORGAID brand.
*The second part will be released on Wednesday, May 31st.

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