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Herbivore Botanicalsエプソムソルトボディスクラブがまもなく発売に

Herbivore Botanicals Epsom Salt Body Scrub Coming Soon

Herbivore Botanicals Epsom Salt Body Scrub (Amethyst) will be available at It's so easy from July 20th. This luxurious scrub contains crushed natural amethyst gemstones.

I had heard that massage face rollers made from rose quartz and jade were popular in the United States, but when I met with the Herbivore Botanicals team in Seattle, I was surprised to hear the idea of ​​using natural crystals as ingredients in skin care and body care products. There are items inspired by crystals, and items in which crystals are soaked in ingredients to transfer only their energy, but to crush crystals and mix them in as is...Herbivore Botanicals is truly impressive.

In the Herbivore Botanicals office in Seattle, there are plants and natural stones, which are not special at all, but are incorporated as a way to spend everyday life comfortably. The idea of ​​using crystals directly on the skin came from the desire to incorporate more power. It was created with the desire to incorporate invisible power into the skin care that we usually take for granted, making it more mystical.

"Our purpose in using these gemstones and crystals is to reflect your beauty back to the earth and ask them to assist in this realm of beauty. They understand that the earth's essence is pure and solid, and in skin care they connect energy cleansing with a focus on self-love," says Julia, founder of Herbivore Botanicals.

Wow, that's deep...

Amethyst as a power stone

Amethyst is a type of crystal, and its most distinctive feature is its purple color. In the world of color psychology, purple is a color of calm. It is said that it helps you realize your potential and become aware of your true self. It is strange that seeing the color and feeling the energy of the color leads to calmness. Even more strangely, amethyst is said to be a crystal filled with healing energy that calms a restless mind or changes a negative mind to a positive state. It is very popular as a power stone because it fills the room with healing energy just by wearing it as an accessory or placing it in the room as interior decoration. It is said to have the power to release stress and radiate peaceful and harmonious energy to those around you.

Amethyst Purple and Chakras

The purple color of amethyst is said to resonate with the seventh chakra (crown chakra) located at the top of the head. It is said that by aligning the seventh chakra, you can be freed from all dependencies, sleep peacefully, and improve your emotional balance.

On sleepless nights when your mind is restless, why not try a relaxing scrub to wash away not only the excess dead skin cells on your skin, but also the stresses in your mind?

Recommended usage

Massage the product into areas that are feeling stiff or rough, and when the scrub has dissolved and turned into an oil-like texture, your skincare routine is complete. Then, just rinse it off.

In addition to amethyst, there are other scrubs such as Epsom salt and sugar that can be used by those with sensitive skin or those concerned about rough skin without causing any burning or stinging, and can also be used on soft areas such as the neck and upper arms.

We recommend that you do not rinse the scrub off immediately after it has dissolved, but rather leave it on for 2-3 minutes to allow the ingredients to soak into your skin. Organic virgin coconut oil and shea butter moisturize your skin after exfoliation, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch.

Once the oil has been absorbed into your skin, you can then soak in the bathtub for an oil and amethyst bath without rinsing it off. Not only will your whole body be moisturized, but the energy of the amethyst and the scent of jasmine will permeate the entire bathtub, making you feel even more relaxed.

Try using it once or twice a week as special care, with the bathroom lights turned off and a candle lit.

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