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いつもの食卓に幸せプラスのひと工夫♡ グラノーラのアレンジレシピ集

Add a little extra happiness to your everyday meals ♡ Granola recipe ideas

■ Yogurt × Apple Cinnamon Cherry

This is definitely a must-have!

Let's start with the classic yogurt.

Here's a little extra step.

Just alternate between yogurt and granola.

Easily step up a rank!

■ Ice cream x cocoa mint

The perfect ice cream for the coming season.

In fact, this Coco Mint contains whole mint leaves.

This is perfect for those days when you feel like you can't handle the heat!

■Honey & Marshmallow x Apple Cinnamon Cherry

Homemade cereal bars that you just mix and bake in the oven.

Wrap it up cutely and slip it into your bag ♡

■Acai Bowl x Berry Berry Nuts

Top your acai bowl with this to recharge your energy!

On pleasant breezy mornings, grab a freshly brewed cup of coffee and head to the balcony.

*I received these edible flowers by chance at an eco-friendly event.

I don't live that kind of fancy life.

■ Open sandwich with chunky nuts

For a relaxing holiday brunch

How about a slightly luxurious open sandwich?

The recommended combination is campagne and avocado.

Add your favorite vegetables and sprinkle with your favorite herbs and salt.

Finish with linseed oil to make it even smoother.

In addition to the arrangements we have introduced, you can also add it to your usual salads as an accent.

It is also recommended to mix it into pancakes or potato salad.

Find an arrangement that suits your lifestyle.

Staff : Asami

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