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Free online counselling for shopping!

Why not try shopping during the rainy season with a free online consultation using ZOOM?
To help you enjoy shopping during the rainy season, in June we will be holding an online consultation called "Rain and What I Want" where you can choose products together with It's so easy staff. We hope you will use this service when you have some free time or when your plans change due to a sudden rain shower. It's very easy to use. Just access the reservation site URL below and click to reserve an available seat. If you shop through the online consultation, you will receive a 10% discount on products (apparel, miscellaneous goods, and food are not eligible for discounts) and free shipping.
In addition, during consultations, we will be selling personal skin care sets at a special price, which you can freely combine from eligible products.

*The personal skin care set is a four-piece set in which you can choose one of each of the designated cleansing product, serum, face sheet mask, and scrub. This set is only available through online counseling, so please contact the store for more information.

We would be happy if those who live far away and cannot easily come to It's so easy could use our online counseling service. You can choose from a 30-minute course or a 60-minute course, with either a ZOOM face-to-face session or a ZOOM call only. Please use it according to your environment and situation. We look forward to your use.

Online counseling period: Monday, June 6, 2022 to Monday, July 11, 2022

<How to make a reservation>

Please select your desired date and time on the reservation website and enter the necessary information.

Reservation website

You will receive a reservation confirmation email from the reservation system ( with the subject line "【Air Reserve】Confirm your reservation details." If you would like to change the date and time of your visit, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation. If you have any questions about your reservation or would like to make a reservation on a site other than the above, please contact the store directly.

Phone: 03-3400-0340

Other points to note about online counselling

[Event Concept]

Rain and what I want

The long rainy season
I want to find ways to make that time as enjoyable as possible. Things you can do because it's raining. Things you can only do on rainy days.

A time to watch the rain. A pleasant listen to the sound of the rain. A tea time paired with the smell of rain.

Choose skin care that suits the weather on rainy days. Wear comfortable clothes that will keep you company with the humidity.

If you make network raindrops fall, you can select products from all over the world across time and space. It's a magic that makes shopping on rainy days even more fun.

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