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How to spend a rainy day

The rainy season is just around the corner. How will you spend your rainy days? Maybe you enjoy online shopping or try baking. It might be fun to make a to-do list that will make you look forward to rainy days and make the most of your time during the rainy season. In this issue of the magazine, we will introduce some of the It's so easy staff's favorite ways to spend rainy days.

STAFF:Asami's way of spending time

Before the self-restraint lifestyle, I was not good at making time to read books. Before I knew it, it had become an important and necessary time, and it may be thanks to Species by the Thousands' Full Moon Mist. It has become my perfect companion, to the point that I get restless if it's not near me. The indescribably attractive scent, a blend of sedative cypress and lavender and purifying sage, is calming but refreshing, making it perfect for reading while listening to the sound of rain. It is an aroma that is a great ally not only before meditation or stretching, but also when you want to change your mood or make an extra effort. If you want to make your own time more relaxing, these sprays are a must-try.

STAFF: How yk spends his time

I watch NETFLIX on most rainy days. I don't hate rainy holidays, but it's only on rainy holidays that I can enjoy staying indoors all day without feeling guilty! I'm so excited to wait until the rainy season is over that I'm even skipping the hair salon, even though it's the season when my hair doesn't stay in place. Whenever I have a day off, I spend the whole day in my favorite loungewear, watching movies, drinking the craft beer I've stocked up on, and ordering some slightly more expensive snacks. I'm going to drink craft bottled beer instead of canned beer! It's a small pleasure to feel the mysterious luxury of this. So, the staple of the rainy season that I shop at It's so easy is canned food, not cosmetics. My favorite has always been spicy mackerel pate. It goes well with potato chips, vegetable sticks, and anything, so I finish it in no time. The newly released spicy tuna in oil is also marinated in lots of herbs, and it was delicious even when mixed with pasta. It was also delicious just by eating it as is. I like spicy food, so my choice may be biased, but I would recommend Porto's canned foods as staple foods to keep on hand during the rainy season!

STAFF: Mami's way of spending time

Rainy days off are the best time to prepare your skin for summer with a luxurious bath care! If you're a fan of Herbivore, you'll love this softening bath set that brings together all the well-known bath items. I use this set in triple mix. I light my favorite candle in the morning bath and read a book, listen to music, or watch a movie while taking a half-body bath. It also helps to relieve the migraines, swelling, and fatigue that are typical of rainy days. I'm not a fan of saunas, but at times like these, I think I understand why the phrase "totono" (getting in order) is so popular. Instead of a sauna, get "totono" in the bathtub! I recommend it ♡

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