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I've started my sterilization routine using a product that originated in Australia.

Now that sterilization and hygiene management are becoming more thorough than necessary, we are seeing sterilization series that use aromas and herbs in various places.

When the self-restraint period first began, it was hard to find sanitizing items even at local pharmacies, and I was overwhelmed by the information about unfamiliar products that seemed to be substitutes that were appearing one after another. I searched for something that was simply good and could be used safely in daily life, and now I am enjoying using two items. Coincidentally, both are Australian brands, so I'd like to introduce them to you in the spirit of traveling. Go on a trip to Bondi and Melbourne!!!

■ Thorough sterilization with botanical herbs

" BONDI WASH / Bench Spray"

BONDI WASH is a house care product brand founded in Bondi, Australia.

My favorite is the bench spray that kills 99.99% of germs, and I'm currently using the Sydney Peppermint & Rosemary. It's a great product that can clean the whole house and kill germs.

I love that the fine mist can be easily sprayed on any surface and can be used anywhere.

Now that more and more people are exercising at home, it is also recommended for use with yoga mats.

As this product is made from essential oils collected from all over the world and plant-derived cleansing ingredients, it has a refreshing, pleasant herbal scent that feels like it purifies the air every time you spray it.

Although it is not for use on the skin, I wanted to express how pleasant it feels to use, and the phrase "it becomes fun every time I use it" is perfect. I became addicted to this spray that disinfects with the power of herbs, which is different from the "THE" disinfectant spray.

The generous 500ml size and stylish design that blends in with any interior are two of the reasons you'll want to buy it again and again.

■Let's use the power of science and organics!


When should you use hand sanitizer?

It wasn't something I was familiar with at all, and I was more of a fan of disinfectant wet wipes.

In fact, when I travel abroad, I often see foreigners using hand gel before meals, and I thought it must be a must-have item in my bag, but I never dreamed that the day would come when I would carry it with me every day.

That's because hand gel has a strong tropical fragrance that is unique to overseas countries, so I didn't pay any attention to it. In fact, I didn't like it so much that I wondered if even the towels served at restaurants overseas were fragrance-free.

Meanwhile, the world has changed to a life of disinfection, and now I carry disinfectant hand spray in addition to wet wipes when I go out.

At first, I just refilled the hand gel I bought at the pharmacy into a small bottle and used it, but it was hard to use, and I kept forgetting that I had it with me, probably because I wasn't used to it. I felt that this was pointless, so I patrolled the store to find a hand gel that I would want to use!

What surprised me was that there were more hand gels (sprays) available from organic brands than I had expected.

It was hard to choose from all the brands, but this time I was looking for the size and scent, and I wanted a spray type rather than a gel type, so I chose without compromising on those points. As a result, I found that the feel of GROWN ALCHEMIST's hand spray was just right, so I decided on this one without hesitation. I also like the fact that it is scientifically produced and organic.

Now I never forget to use hand spray before meals. I've turned that little extra step into the joy of using it.

*GROWN ALCHEMIST / Hydra Hand Spray is a product that can be used to disinfect hands as an alternative to disinfectant ethanol.


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