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Why not switch to more ethical belongings for the sake of the environment and yourself?

Japan is also making progress in environmental conservation efforts, such as charging for plastic bags and reviewing takeout containers! What can we do now? We would like to introduce a wide range of things, from things you can start doing without trying too hard, to eco-friendly items. In this article, STAFF Asami will introduce what she felt after actually using the items and why she recommends them .

■THE HUMBLE CO. (right)

Did you know that 700 million plastic floss cases are thrown away every year ? Most of the packaging that we buy and throw away immediately is also made of plastic. According to Australia's CSIRO , 90% of the world's seabirds may have mistakenly eaten plastic waste. Around the time I learned about this research result, I came across a photo, whether by chance or by fate. I couldn't stop crying at the photo of a bird whose body was full of plastic. This incident stuck in my mind and I couldn't not take any action. Having already switched to ethical oral care, I persuaded my father, who had been using interdental brushes for many years, by telling him that the handles were plastic and the wires were dangerous, and gave him a pair of floss from THE HUMBLE CO . Just like my family who listened to my story, I hope that my column will inspire as many people as possible to take a step to make the earth a little better.

■Peppersmith (left)

The addictive mint tablets have a refreshing, cool texture. The subtle sweetness comes from natural xylitol, not sugar. I like it. I'm a fan of amazake when it comes to cooking. The vibrant color makes it stand out in your bag, so you can take it out right away. It's a must-have item for when you want to change your mood or when you feel like you need something. It's also reassuring that it's free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives, but the main reason I keep buying Peppersmith is probably because of the paper packaging. I thought the tablets were in plastic and never thought about it, but when I tried using it, there was nothing inconvenient about it. There's no reason why paper isn't good. Even just reconsidering such small things makes me feel good.


This mouth spray, a blend of seven herbs that grow in the Swiss Alps, is now in the starting lineup to suit the current anxious season. Herbs such as mallow, calendula, and St. John's wort are familiar to us from It's so easy. The sweet and refreshing scent is delicious, and I end up spraying it over and over again. I don't really like the unique flavor of throat disinfectant sprays, so this item is a real lifesaver. nahrin uses renewable energy and has achieved zero CO2 emissions! Of course, it's important to choose natural ingredients, but I also think that investing a little in the earth by supporting brands that have visible environmental efforts in their production processes and methods is a true ethical purchase.

STAFF: Asami

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