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Bath time at home

Now that we are spending more time at home, many of us have started spending more time in baths, whether we usually just take showers or have started taking longer, relaxing baths.
Just when you thought the self-restraint period had been lifted and you could finally go outside, the rainy season has finally arrived.
Looks like I'll be spending my weekends at home rather than going out.
I take a bath every day, and it's become a daily routine for me to choose the bath salts, bath additives, and aromatic candles depending on my condition and mood that day.
I have introduced these scrubs and bath salts many times on the It's so easy website and Instagram, but for me, Herbivore's sugar scrub is a hit at the moment.
Take an appropriate amount in your hands, massage gently, and then jump into the bathtub.
After using it in the bathtub, take an appropriate amount in your hand and then massage your face!
It is made from virgin coconut oil and sugar as its base, so it gently leaves my skin moist and smooth without damaging it, which can be easily affected by pollen and spring weather.
After scrubbing, soaking in the bathtub will fill the bathroom with a sweet fragrance.
If you want to enjoy a longer bath or a more relaxing time, add jasmine oil or coconut oil to your coco rose bath!
It may seem sweet, but the fragrance is blended in moderation to create a deeper, sweeter scent.
It also increases moisturizing power, so you don't even need to use body oil after bathing.
This method is recommended even for those who are lazy!
Using each product individually is great as it brings out its individual merits, but by combining them you can discover synergistic effects, so be sure to try out different products!
The Self-Love Kit (containing sugar scrub, Epsom salt body scrub, and jasmine body oil) is available in limited quantities and is running low, so be sure to get yours soon!
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