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Enjoy a spa and hot spring trip at home

Hot springs are one of the topics in the "Speaking of Winter" series.

When I was in elementary school, I often went to hot springs at home.

This is because my father, who loves hot springs, would stay at a travel inn every night, saying things like, "Today we'll go to Kusatsu," "Today we'll go to Beppu," "Today we'll go to Noboribetsu," and so on.

* This is a story from the Showa era.

I don't remember being an elementary school student so busy that I would rely on hot springs to soothe my fatigue, but I'm sure they helped me relax after going to and from school. I remember saying out loud, "Ah, what a nice bath" every time I got into the cloudy white bath.

As I grew older, I soaked myself in various bath salts, and when I was busy with club activities, I was addicted to bubbling on specialty carbon dioxide gas such as "2 extra bubbles". After a long time, I finally reached the age where fancy bath salts suit me. I'm a total adult now.

That's why this time you can experience the "hot spring" and "spa" atmosphere.

Introducing our favorite bath salts.

■ Enjoy a spa experience at home

" Aromatherapy Associates/ Bath and Shower Oil"


Aromatherapy Associates is a brand that originated in the UK.

Each product exudes an authentic herbal scent, making you feel like you want to stretch yourself a little and be noble.

Their bath oils are well known, but the mini-sized kit that lets you enjoy all the different types is a convenient size that we recommend for people who often go back home to visit their hometowns, travel, or go on business trips.

The amount you use is just one capful, so one bottle is enough to enjoy while traveling. Deep Relax and Revive Morning, Revive I also like how easy it is to imagine what the product is like from the names, such as Evening, so it's easy to choose when you need to use it.

Also, there are some oils that smell really nice depending on your hormone balance, and the time it takes to choose which one to use is what makes it so fun.

Among them, the oil that I was particularly interested in was "De-Stress Muscle."

There were times when I used it consciously, but there were also times when I unconsciously chose it based on the scent, so I guess I just instinctively liked this one the best, and later I ended up buying the larger size as well.

As the name suggests, it is a great product that allows you to feel the sensation of recovering from fatigue as soon as you get into the bathtub.

The cooling sensation of rosemary, juniper, and eucalyptus, combined with the sweat-inducing effect of ginger, will warm you from the inside out, and even after you get out of the bath, you'll enjoy the mysterious sensation of the warmth coming and going, helping to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

You can feel the fatigue fading away throughout your body, and you can fall into a very comfortable sleep.

Above all, the soothing scent of herbs helps to relieve brain fatigue and makes you feel good no matter what time of day you use it.

Of course, foot and hand baths are great, but it also feels great to have a hot towel with oil dripped on it placed on your neck and shoulders.


Scrub turns into hot spring bath salts?!

" HERBIVORE BOTANICALS/ Epsom Salt Body Scrub (Amethyst)"

This is a truly bold product, made by crushing real amethyst and turning it into a scrub.

Based on Epsom salt and sugar, it contains coconut oil, shea butter, and HERBIVORE 's most popular scent, jasmine oil.

It's safe to say that this is the body scrub to use during this season when dryness is a problem.

People often ask, "Is Epsom salt salt?" but it doesn't contain any salt at all. It's actually magnesium sulfate, which is a common ingredient in hot springs.

Epsom salt bath additives, which have gradually become more popular over the past few years, are known for causing you to sweat a lot and providing a tremendous detoxifying effect.

It warms you from the inside out, so you don't get cold easily after a bath, making it the perfect bath additive for the winter season.

The reason I like using this product is because it gives me moisturized skin with little hassle during this cold season.

After scrubbing, I jump into the bathtub. The scrub melts and turns into an Epsom salt bath. When my body is warm to the core, I get out of the bath. I don't need to use body cream or oil care after that. It's moisturizing enough that my skin feels hydrated.

When you get into bed, the soft scent of the oil will envelop your body and help you fall into a blissful sleep.

Above all, it contains amethyst, a stone of purification, so it may be nice to use because it makes you feel like you're detoxing from the inside. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. I think it would make a great birthday or Valentine's gift for someone born in February. It's so easy is currently selling a limited edition kit called the "self love kit" that includes this scrub.

The half-size scrub jar is so cute that when I'm done using it I reuse it as a bottle to store small items or to display small potted plants.


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