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Herb expert brand "Herb Pharmacy"

Every day is somehow busy, and even when I try to take a break, I can't seem to do it ...

If days continue like this, the effects gradually appear on the skin, which is the upper layer of the body, and this in turn makes the mind tense. Herb Farmacy relieves such a condition from the body. That's what I felt when I first used it.

The founder, botanist Paul Richards, is known as a legendary formulator in the British natural cosmetics industry. Richards was fascinated by plants while walking through the fields and mountains with his father as a child, and obtained a PhD in botany in the UK. The brand was launched when Richards started making herbal remedies from herbs he had grown himself. After working at a botanical research institute in Europe, he moved to a research company in Russia. He was strongly attracted to the folk herbal remedies that made use of local plants in Russia, and after returning to Herefordshire, England, he made tea from the leaves of herbs he grew in his own fields, and ground the roots into powder to make oils and ointments for people and animals suffering from arthritis.

The packaging seems to suggest that this is a brand that strongly brings out the benefits of plants, and I felt that the effects might be a little too strong for my sensitive skin. I wasn't particularly interested, but when I tried it after it was recommended, I was surprised at how good it was. It penetrated my skin quickly and I felt a gentle healing effect from deep within. If you are concerned about skin issues, I recommend you give it a try.

STAFF: Nanami

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