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What will you buy as a Christmas gift this year?

Only 1 month left until Christmas!!!
A special Christmas gift that is different from the usual gifts.
It's so easy will help you create Christmas gifts that are filled with the thoughts of the year and that people will be happy to receive during this season.

In addition to the Christmas gifts recommended by the staff of It's so easy,

Here are the top 3 repeat gifts that people have been happy to receive.

[Get excited the moment you see this elegantly packaged gift!]

It takes a little courage to give a scented gift, but it's easier to give a soap with a subtle herbal scent. I hope they will enjoy a relaxing bath time with the exquisite blend of essential oils.

MATIN et ETOILE Botanique Soap 1,800 yen
STAFF:Asami Select

[You'll be surprised when you use it! A great gift to give as a surprise!]

This cute looking sponge is perfect for the current dry season, and if you receive one, you'll want to try it out. It becomes incredibly soft when it absorbs water, and when you rub it against your skin, you'll be hooked on the indescribable smooth feeling.
This is the kind of gift you'll want to give while imagining the surprised look on your friend's face.

It's so easy Natural sea sponge from 2,800 yen
STAFF: Nanami Select

[For those who want to give a special gift that any girl will love]

The "SELF LOVE KIT" includes COCO ROSE, the most popular scrub among HERBIVORE BOTANICALS products among women. Massage your face and body with this scrub, which is full of sugar and coconut oil. Just jump in the bathtub and it will turn into an oil bath. It's the perfect gift for a girls' get-together, and it will look great on Instagram.

HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Self Love Kit 7,400 yen
STAFF: Mami Select

(I can picture the smile on their face when they use it. I hope they try the noble scent of Jasmine Sambac.)

Since it's the season for body oils, we want to give the gift of a scent beyond imagination.
HERBIVORE BOTANICALS body oil is a multi-purpose oil that can be used all over the body.
I love that it's a convenient size to carry around and can also be used for hair styling! This one bottle will be enough for your end-of-year trip.
I want to give a gift that is sure to be a repeat purchase for the recipient!

HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Body Oil (Jasmine) 3,600 yen

[Recommended as a gift for discerning people!!! Chakra Spray by Species by the Thousands]

Winter is a season when our bodies tend to be tense. Taking deep breaths is very important to release tension in your shoulders.

Species by the Thousands spray is a natural space spray blended with several types of essential oils.

Just one push from above your head will instantly refresh your mood and act as a rescue item to relax the nerves throughout your body.

The Chakra Spray in particular is an interesting series in which the essential oil scent changes depending on your mood on that day.

This is recommended for those who want to choose a unique item that will make a great gift for both men and women. It is also a great gift for those who love yoga.

Species by the Thousands Chakra Spray 3,600 yen
STAFF: yk select

And here are the top 3 repeat gifts that many people have commented were "well received as a gift!"

NO.1 "Self-beauty treatments while doing other things" become fun. The best gift to receive is definitely a sheet mask!

ORGAID sheet masks are the most popular gift among all ages, with many people saying, "They were happy when I gave them as gifts! I was so happy to receive them!" Another reason they are great gifts is that one sheet of mask completes your skin care routine, regardless of skin type. ORGAID comes in four types, both individually and in a box, making it easy to choose according to your budget. They also make a great gift for men to give to women, showing their "sense of style." The multi-box containing all three types is by far the most popular Christmas gift.

Orgaaid Essence Mask Single item: 680 yen Box: from 2,400 yen

NO.2 Shirakaba.Lab's domestically blended herbal tea is not only delicious but also beautiful to look at.

In addition to the three types of It's so easy x Shirakaba.Lab collaboration series, we offer a total of eight types of classic tea bag and leaf types. These herbal teas are perfect for winter and are easy to choose as small gifts or as part of gift sets.

Shirakaba lab herbal tea from 360 yen

No. 3 A great gift for men! Stylish whitening toothpaste.

Davids is a stylish brand that makes everyday items a little more luxurious.

It is easy to use and has many repeat customers. Whitening toothpaste made with safe ingredients is safe for both children and adults to put in their mouths, so it is sure to be a great gift♪

Davids Whitening Toothpaste (with squeeze tube) 1,800 yen ~

Well, Christmas is just around the corner this year!

Please also check out the It's so easy recommended gifts★★★

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