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Self Facial care

Self-facial care

■ORGAID Facial Scrub thoroughly removes dirt and dead skin from pores

"ORGAID/Face Scrub" was just released on August 1, 2019.
I decided to give this scrub made by ORGAID, which has been getting a lot of attention for its organic sheet masks, a testament to what it's like.

My impression was, "It's slippery and slippery."
I feel that you will be able to understand this feeling when you use it.

When you think of scrubs, you think of the smooth feeling, of course, but I also get the impression that most people feel a soft, chewy feeling afterwards.

So, it feels "smooth and slippery." I can't find any other way to describe it, but if I had to say one more thing, it would be that it leaves your skin feeling "light" after washing.

I thought, this is something new.

To use, simply take an appropriate amount in your hand and dissolve it in the palm of your hand with warm water (or cold water) until it reaches the desired consistency.
If you feel like your skin is sensitive and not in the best condition today, just dilute the scrub until it feels smooth.
It's a tube-type scrub, so it's great that you can easily carry it around like a facial cleanser.

For acne and stickiness, which are problems specific to oily and combination skin, this product is perfect for you.
I think that the result is one that people will say is "nice."

I have very dry, flaky skin.

I'm the type of person who feels like, "Rather than something that feels smooth, I want something that leaves moisture and hydration," and the organic honey crystals that are the main ingredient in the scrub make this a reality, so I highly recommend it for people with dry skin.

This was simply good.

It is said that as we get older, the turnover rate slows down and it becomes less effective.
To put it simply, if you apply lotion without removing the scabs, it won't be able to penetrate.
How do we remove the scab?
If you use your favorite lotion, serum, or cream, why not try ORGAID's scrub this summer to ensure that 100% of the ingredients are absorbed into your skin?

*The scrub's ingredients include organic honey crystals, which draw moisture into the skin and moisturize it, have antibacterial properties, and prevent redness and inflammation, while organic brown rice gently removes old dead skin cells. Removing old dead skin cells is very important to prevent dull skin, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Please use it as an anti-aging measure.

■ Hydrate your face too.
"ORGAID/Organic Sheet Mask"

It's so hot, so hot. I feel like I need to be more conscious about staying hydrated and avoid heatstroke in the middle of summer.

When it comes to skin care, I don't feel like applying oils or creams in the summer.
Even if a product is advertised as a "non-greasy oil," I don't want to use it when I don't want to.
When I don't feel like eating, I don't feel like eating. That's how it is.

So, what should I do? That's when I always bring out sheet masks.

After washing your face, all you need is this one piece. Just apply the lotion containing serum.
If you use the scrub mentioned above once a week, use a sheet mask on the same day.
After thoroughly exfoliating, you want to apply 100% of the best beauty serum.
When I thought about it that way, I got excited for some reason and can't wait to use them as a set.
This summer, I plan to use these two sets to enjoy self-beauty treatments once or twice a week, both at home and when traveling.


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