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Staff's favorite gift items (everyday items)

I want to use it myself, recommend it to others, and give it as a gift!
Our staff has selected "everyday items" that would make great gifts if they were given to you. All of the items are environmentally friendly and can be used for a long time.

[STAFF: Asami's favorite
MACHETE hair comb]

In recent years, plastic-free products have become the norm, and MACHETE hair combs have been available in our store for the past few years. Made from a material called bioacetate, which is made from plant fibers, the product is carefully handcrafted by Italian artisans from cutting to polishing . It comes in a wide variety of colors, and when you hold it up to the light, you can see the translucent colors and patterns. I have long hair, so I use the size No.1 series. For my Christmas gift this year, I gave a friend with short hair the size No.3, which is perfect for carrying around. She was very happy!

[STAFF: Mami's recommended merino wool socks]

When you think of wool, you probably think of itchiness, but Joha, a well-known brand of merino wool, overturns that image.
I wear long sleeve tops and leggings all year round, but once I try on these, I can't stop wearing the wool socks from this brand. They are reasonably priced at ¥1,900 each, but the comfort exceeds that satisfaction, making these socks truly "good value for money"! I just want to recommend these socks to others. Merino wool has antibacterial and heat dissipating properties, so you can wear them in the summer without getting stuffy, and in the winter, the heat retention keeps you warm. The ribbed type is a little thick and reaches up to the ankles, so if you suffer from poor circulation, these socks are definitely worth trying! As it is a brand that is popular with mountaineers, it is comfortable to wear.

[STAFF: yk oshi It's so easy sponge]

There are several types of sea sponges, but this fine silk type is my favorite. The long-lasting and increasingly flavorful texture makes bath time more enjoyable every day. When it absorbs water, it becomes surprisingly soft and transforms into a sponge like konjac. It can be used not only as a body sponge, but also to remove makeup, or when your eyes are tired, you can use it as an eye mask in the bathtub while soaking it in hot water. It is also recommended to use it as a substitute for a hot towel, so on dry winter mornings, it feels good to moisten the sponge with hot water and slowly wipe your face instead of washing your face. With the SDGs movement, environmentally friendly sponges are appearing one after another, but I think sea sponges are a gem of nature that is also easy to use.

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