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Traditional crafts from all over Japan come together in Tokyo for 14 days

"JAPAN TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WEEK" will be held again this year, starting on October 29th.
This is an event where you can enjoy shopping while experiencing traditional crafts from all over Japan as you tour lifestyle shops scattered around Tokyo.
This marks the 8th time the event is being held and it will be held at 38 shops in three areas: Aoyama, Ginza, and Nakameguro.
It's so easy is also participating as one of the shops.
At It's so easy, we will be exhibiting and selling works by Yamaguchi Yuichi from the Kodaiyaki Issakigama kiln.
To ensure that everyone can enjoy this period to the fullest, we will be posting an interview with ceramic artist Yuichi Yamaguchi as well as updating the exhibited products on Instagram throughout the event.
Please stop by our store if you are in the area.

[Event Summary]
JAPAN TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WEEK (JTCW) introduces traditional crafts made all over Japan at wonderful lifestyle shops in Tokyo.
This is a 14-day annual event that connects creators, sellers, and users. Why not take this opportunity to rediscover the charm of Japanese craftsmanship?

Dates: Friday, October 29th to Thursday, November 11th, 2021
Main Venue: Aoyama Square Traditional Crafts
Exhibition and sale of Yuichi Yamaguchi's works: It's so easy Minami Aoyama store
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