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It's so easy STAFFがお勧めするvegan foodカフェ♪

It's so easy vegan food cafe recommended by staff♪

■STAFF: Mami's recommended vegan cafe is "THE_B "

A vegan shop located along Kotsu-dori that mainly offers takeout (you can also eat inside the shop).
My favorite dish in the restaurant is the salad bowl from ETHNIC BEAUTY BOWL. The slightly spicy soy meat gives me energy when I'm feeling a bit tired from the summer heat! The salad is covered with quinoa, so it's filling even for someone like me who gets hungry easily!
In addition to salad bowls, there are also a wide variety of smoothies and juices available, so you can hydrate and replenish your nutrients while out for a walk.

5 minutes walk from It's so easy

■STAFF: Asami's recommended vegan cafe is " L for You "

*The photo shows the product being packed in my own container.

"L for You," which has the recently popular theme of "intestinal health," is a favorite of vegetarian Asami. The interior of the restaurant is stylish and has a lovely atmosphere.
You can enjoy deli and fermented menu items centered around organic vegetables with no additives.
You can also use your own containers for takeout, so it feels great to be zero waste ♡
The original, homemade KOMBUCHA flavors change with the seasons, so be sure to check them out.
We are what we eat!
Let's improve our intestinal environment and boost our immunity.

7 minutes walk from It's so easy

STAFF: yk's recommended vegan cafe is " THE NUTS EXCHANGE "

This vegan cafe is located at Yoyogi Park Station, two train stops from Omotesando Station. It looks like a genuine vegan café, and is greeted by a sign that embodies the All Vegan and Zero Waste philosophy.
When I went in, the staff were very casual and I didn't feel any pressure from the vegans. That's what I like about it. Their recommended drink is macadamia nut milk, but as a coffee lover, I always order a macadachino with coffee. *It's like a cappuccino mixed with macadamia nut milk. I'd like to try it plain someday.

The milk fills your stomach so much that it feels like a filling coffee, or is it just me? The cookies are also vegan, crunchy and delicious with a simple flavor.

5 minutes by train from Omotesando

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