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Misha & Puff's thoughts

Misha & Puff, which has many fans in Japan, was launched in 2012. Not only are their items cutely designed, but they are also made with great care over the materials and manufacturing process, and are handmade with the hope that they will be loved for a long time, from parents to children, and from children to grandchildren. At It's so easy, this apparel brand is also popular as a baby gift.

■Made in Peru

The main materials chosen are organic pima cotton and merino wool. Founder Anna respectfully teamed up with the best knitters who have inherited Peruvian knitting culture that has continued for over 6,000 years. The workshop also has a daycare center and a nutritious restaurant, and there are many different styles, from knitting at home to working until it's time to pick up their children. The sheep live in an environment that values ​​animal welfare, and lend their wool to us humans. The cotton comes from a family-run partner that is considered a pioneer in organic cotton cultivation in Peru. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification not only tells you what year the cotton was harvested, but also who hand-picked it. It is also certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Click here to learn more about organic cotton!

■What does fair trade mean to Anna/Misha&Puff?

Fair trade = fair trade

It is the exchange of raw materials and products, mainly from developing countries, at fair prices, with the aim of improving the lives of producers and workers and helping them become self-reliant by continuing to do so.

Misha & Puff has obtained various certifications, but for them, that is not their goal; they have a policy that the most important thing is to build trusting relationships with artisans who put the earth first.

I want to receive this with both hands, a feeling that goes beyond the words "fair trade" and "sustainability"...a big hug.

Anna's words stuck in my mind: "By making things that are natural and yet feel really good together with many respectful hands, I don't want to leave behind people and nature in terrible environments." If we, as consumers, have the warmth to choose fair trade somewhere in our lives, I think that feeling will definitely spread, and although it may be a small thing, I feel that we can make a choice, and that in each of our hands, we have the power to change the world.

■How do you create such a wide range?

All Misha & Puff items are hand-dyed, which gives them a unique look. They do not use azo dyes, and use natural dyes and environmentally friendly methods.

Anna serves as creative director, utilizing her many years of experience as a stylist, but she also values ​​ideas for new knitting methods from knitters, opinions from dyeing partners, and the American team, and Misha&Puff items are born from the collaboration of various members.

■How about some sustainable hair accessories?

Another great thing is that they don't waste any of the leftover yarn that comes out of the manufacturing process ♡ It's so easy also carries a selection of hair accessories that are hand-knitted using leftover yarn.
Please enjoy shopping that is kind to both the environment and people.

STAFF: Asami

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