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Licia Florio POP UP ご好評につき延長決定!

Licia Florio POP UP has been extended due to popular demand!

The Vegan Nail POP UP, which was scheduled to run until the end of this month, has been extended until Monday, August 14th.
If you couldn't come in July because your schedule didn't match up, or if you're a repeat customer who wants to try other colors, please take this opportunity to come to the store☺

So today, we will introduce you to some design nails using combinations recommended by the It's so easy staff.
By applying the base coat first, the color is corrected and there are no uneven areas, so the color you apply afterwards is much easier to apply! The top coat adds a smooth shine, giving your fingertips a dewy, fresh, summery look.

♢The Lithia Glossy Creamy Nails♢

PICNIC → PESCA → OLIVA from index finger
These colors are attractive because they are rich but have a creamy luster that does not tone down.
If you want to give your PESCA a soft finish, just apply one coat.
Each time you layer it, the color deepens.


Apply one coat to the center of each nail.
The trick to making it look cute is to paint roughly without deciding on underlining.
02. Index finger - LANPONE・PESCA
Next to LANPONE, which has a vibrant color, we chose PESCA, which has a sheer look.
Vivid and clear is the perfect combination for summer!
Blue and yellow give a refreshing impression. Add a cool touch with the glitter of MOTHER OF PEARL. It's a great color that's very sparkly, but fades smoothly when you're not wearing it.
PICNIC, an orange sherbet-like color perfect for summer, is a new color for 2023. Just the name of the color makes me giddy♡
A simple dot pattern with just one drop from the corner of a brush using green glitter MARGARITA and calm color BEAN. Next time I'd like to try painting in a single color. Maybe I'll add just one dot to accent it?
05. Pinkyubi - LIMONE・SEA WAVES
The vibrant green and yellow are sure to stand out on the beach!
It's definitely a cute combination for a pedicure.

♢Just like marble chocolate? Playful single-color nails♢

I applied OOLONG, OLIVA, SESAMO, INDIA, and BEAN to my thumb. The colors have a glossy finish even when applied alone, but the finish really changes when you apply a base coat and top coat. Another attractive feature is that they dry quickly.
These nail polishes have a vibrant color that fills your nails well, so they go well with autumn and winter fashion. In midsummer, pair them with jeans and a white T-shirt for a lively look.

During the event, you can try out all the colors at the main table. You may leave with your nails looking cute and pop. Please come to It's so easy to find your favorite nails. We will have a cold welcome tea ready for you.
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