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HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Natural Stone Face Roller

We've been receiving requests to restock that face roller for a long time, and it's finally back in stock at It's so easy! This is a rare item that will be sold out as soon as it's gone, so if you're interested, please get it as soon as possible ♡

The smooth, polished natural stones of HERBIVORE BOTANICALS are natural and uncolored, allowing you to feel the natural color and power of the stone.
By massaging your face in a rolling motion along the lymph nodes, you can flush out excess moisture and waste products from your face, resulting in firmer skin. Using it in combination with your favorite face oil will help your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin.

01. Rose Quartz
■What is rose quartz?
A beautiful healing stone that relieves tension, stress and anxiety in the body and promotes self-love.
It corresponds to the heart chakra (fourth chakra), which is the energy center of love.
■ Recommended purification method
Rose quartz interacts with the energy of love, so moonlight bathing is perfect for it.
Artemis, the moon goddess, is said to have the powers of love, healing and happiness.
On full moon nights, try to recharge yourself with new power.

02. Jade
What is Aventurine?
Also known as Indian jade, this stone brings peace and harmony and is said to help reduce stress.
It is like a lucky item that balances the mind and body and draws good fortune and opportunities.
It corresponds to the heart chakra (fourth chakra), which governs joy, anger, sadness and happiness.
■ Recommended purification method
Aventurine is said to have a good affinity with the earth.
Let them sunbathe on the ground or soak in seawater to absorb energy

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