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Awareness improvement to-do list

As the seasons change, the mornings and evenings are getting cooler, making it much more comfortable to live here.
What kind of skin care do you do when the seasons change, and how do you change your skin care routine? In this issue of the magazine, Kathy from the It's so easy planning team will share with us some ways to improve autumn skin problems.

common skin problems in the fall: 1. Skin loses moisture and becomes dry. Even though I do my skincare routine, the area around my mouth is especially dry. 2. My skin lacks moisture and oil, so makeup doesn't go on well. 3. My face gets red and itchy, and I'm prone to acne, because the blemishes from summer sunburn aren't expelled. 4. Since I became a mom, I don't have much time to look after myself, so when was the last time I looked at my face in the mirror, let alone take care of my skin? Condition

This season, I've decided to take the time to care for my skin and address any problems I may have!
I immediately asked the staff at It's so easy for a consultation and created a "consciousness improvement to-do list" that is suitable for me, who has oily skin. The consciousness improvement to-do list is a reasonable list that just requires you to be conscious of your usual routine and improve your skin care method. I think I can do it.

Be sure to wash your face thoroughly

In the morning, I just wash my face with lukewarm water without using any cleanser.
I've heard that it helps prevent excessive sebum removal and improves dry skin. However, oil is secreted even while you sleep, so if it's not removed properly, it can clog pores and lead to acne. Now that summer is changing into autumn, I've decided to switch to a pattern of washing my face differently depending on the weather. I make a lot of foam and wash my face by rolling the foam over my skin. Even if I just gently wash my face while using a foam pack, my face feels soft and fluffy in the morning. At night, I try to cleanse "properly" rather than "thoroughly" according to the makeup I'm wearing that day, and wash my face "properly."

Exfoliate regularly

I have skin that is prone to accumulating dead skin cells, so I had trouble with skincare products penetrating into my skin.
I was told that it was like I had invisible scabs on my face, and I understood.
It's only natural that applying lotion or cream on the scabs won't penetrate. After I was able to visualize this, I decided on a day of the week to exfoliate once every three days. After two weeks of doing it, my rough skin became softer, and I could feel moisture deep inside my skin even during the day.
I used to be worried about scrubbing because I thought it would remove too much skin, but once I learned to visualize the "invisible scabs," I felt like I was able to get the timing right for exfoliating. Scrubbing (exfoliating) is especially important in the dry season.

Balance is important when it comes to moisturizing. Create skin that does not easily lose moisture

I also have dry areas in places, which makes it hard for makeup to stick.
When I feel like my foundation is uneven, I feel like putting on makeup is a turn-off.
Starting this season, I've decided to rebalance my skincare routine to suit the weather and my skin condition.
On days when the humidity is high and your skin feels sticky, apply a generous amount of refreshing lotion to your skin, then apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream.
On days when I'm worried about dryness, I change my cream to a serum oil and follow a millefeuille step pattern of serum (as a booster) → lotion → serum. Moisturized skin accelerates metabolism and helps prevent acne, wrinkles and blemishes. No matter how busy I am, I also try to create a routine of using a face sheet mask once a week. I try to use face sheet masks on exfoliating days when I scrub as much as possible!

Get good quality sleep

Lack of sleep affects your metabolism and accelerates skin aging.
No matter how carefully you take care of your skin, if you don't get enough sleep, it won't recover properly. So I try to go to bed by 11 o'clock. Is that a little early? (laughs)
I also use an app to manage my sleep time, and to increase the amount of deep sleep I get, I try to do some light exercise before bed and listen to music to relax before going to bed. When I get a good night's sleep, my skin looks great. I also feel like my hormone balance is less likely to be affected.

Eat foods that are good for your skin

Food builds the body. Even if you put effort into skin care, if you neglect sleep and food, you're back to square one. Of course, there is the daily food, but there is nothing more difficult to control than luxury items such as alcohol and cigarettes. Speaking of my luxury items, I drink two cups of coffee every morning and afternoon. I have never had a connection with alcohol or cigarettes, but it seems I have had a connection with caffeine, and it is difficult to save from it. Caffeine has a strong diuretic effect and can cause dryness, so I decided to start making efforts to suit my physical condition, such as changing coffee to mate tea.

After I made a to-do list for improving my awareness, I felt more motivated and started to enjoy spending time taking care of myself.
I'm already excited to see what changes we'll see around December!

Planning team: kathy

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