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Natural and happy colors for your fingertips

Hello. It's been hot lately.
Although I keep the temperature set at 28-29° to save energy and stay healthy, if I sleep with the air conditioner on all night my neck and shoulders become stiff and it's painful...!
I'm thinking of trying out the yoga poses that were introduced in conjunction with BASERANGE in the previous staff column.

Currently, It's so easy is offering nail items from the Italian brand Licia Florio for a limited time!
Based in Milan, Licia Florio is a premium vegan nail polish that is committed to ethical and sustainable small-scale production. I immediately went shopping for Licia Florio's nail polish, which has an appealing look and story.

Starting from the thumb, they are Verte, Margarita, Sesame, Sucre, and Lavender.
It's also fun to learn the meanings of the named colors, such as "Verte" (green) and "Sesame" (sesame) in Italian.
The cap is made from bamboo, which is known as a sustainable material, and looks great. It would also make a great gift if you put it in a pouch.

I was also surprised at how vibrant the color of this nail polish was!

Starting from the thumb, the colors are Carota, Pesca, Agar Agar, Terra, and Mother of Pearl. All colors that will make you feel energized from within!
"Agal Agal" is based on the theme of the full moon, and "Mother of Pearl" is a color inspired by the "pearl pose" in yoga.

You're sure to find a color that lifts your spirits or soothes you.
Licia Florio nail polish is a recipe that does not contain toxic chemicals (24-free), so it does not have a strong, pungent smell. Apply the nail polish and wait for it to dry for 5 minutes.
Take your time to gaze at the beautiful colors, close your eyes and meditate, listen to your favorite music...we hope you enjoy a happy time for both your mind and body.

We also recommend our original remover, which has a pleasant scent made from a blend of essential oils, our sesame scrub that leaves your fingertips smooth, and our treatment, which is full of moisturizing ingredients!
The Lithia Florio POPUP at It's so easy will be held until July 21st (Thursday). There is a tester corner at the main table where you can try out all the colors, so you can choose your favorite color to your heart's content. Please come and visit us♪

Press team: Eriko

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