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Why not warm up your body in a fun and economical way with the Softening Bath Set?

Hello, this is Toku from the It's so easy press team.
Just when you thought it was finally getting more comfortable, it got cold in the blink of an eye. You hurriedly changed your clothes and your bedding into warmer ones.
I have poor circulation and my hands and feet get very cold during the cold season, so I started drinking ginger tea and pulling out the leg warmers and belly warmer I wear every year to warm myself up.
During the summer, I tended to only take showers, but now I try to soak in the bathtub as much as possible. That's when I noticed the "Softening Bath Set" from HERBIVORE BOTANICALS. It's a great value set that includes a sugar scrub that leaves your skin soft and fluffy, and two types of bath salts.

Softening Bath Set (¥7,480)
The look, the scent, the texture. A set of scrub and bath salts that will satisfy your senses and relax your mind, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious bath time. A set of sugar scrub that gently cares for the whole body, bath soak with a soft and sweet scent, and mineral-rich bath salts. Recommended as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself. With this kit, you get the full-sized sugar scrub plus mini-sized bath soak and bath salts for the same price as the sugar scrub alone. The pink and purple box is cute, and it would make a great Christmas gift.
And what's even more exciting than the price or the looks is how to use it! We'll introduce you to the three-step bathing method recommended by the brand.
Three Step Special Care
STEP 1: Skin Softening Bath Soak Dissolve 1 to 3 tablespoons thoroughly in the bathtub and soak for about 15 minutes.
STEP 2: Sea Salt (Ylang-ylang & Vanilla)
Next, add 1 to 3 spoonfuls, stir well and take a bath.
STEP 3: Sugar scrub (face and body)
Take an appropriate amount and gently massage the entire body...

Adding more bath salts to a bath with bath salts in it is
It's a bit refreshing, isn't it? Is it okay to mix the scents together?
I was curious too, so I immediately tried out this three-step foot bath!
Hand and foot baths are a great way to warm up your body, even when you're busy. After enjoying the gentle coconut cookie-like sweetness of the Skin Softening Bath Soak for a while, add sea salt (ylang-ylang and vanilla). The exotic scent makes it not just sweet, but a much more mature scent. It will relax your mind and ease your mind.
Once your body has warmed up, the final step is to exfoliate your skin with a sugar scrub. You will be enveloped in the scent of roses, which is also a blissful moment.
After softening your skin with a bath soak, replenish your minerals with sea salt and boost your metabolism, and finally exfoliate with a scrub, giving you the feeling of satisfaction just like at a beauty salon!
After completing all three steps, your skin will be so smooth and moist that you won't need any body care after the bath, even in the middle of winter when the skin is dry. Your cold body will feel warm and cozy. You'll probably get addicted to this. In addition, while you're in the foot bath, you can put on an ORGAID sheet mask and read a book. It's an elegant experience that you don't usually have the chance to enjoy. lol

It's nice to have times like this sometimes.
If you are concerned about dryness, we recommend the moist type.

Of course, you can also use each of the three products individually in the Softening Bath Set.
It would be fun to use it as a bath additive, with three different types to choose from depending on your mood that day!
How do you survive the cold winter every year? How about a Softening Bath Set to warm you up this year? All of the products introduced here will be available for purchase at the It's so easy POP UP, which will start next week at Isetan Shinjuku Beauty Apothecary. We also have It's so easy specialist staff, so please feel free to ask us for skin care counseling or Christmas gift advice! We look forward to seeing you!

Press team: Toku

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