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オーガニックコットンを選ぶ ということ PART 2

Choosing organic cotton PART 2

Among the organic cotton items that can be purchased at It's so easy , Asami has actually tried them and would like to introduce three brands that she recommends.

IKEUCHI ORGANIC - Organic Air Bath Towel

 The Air series is known as the "Towel of the Wind" for its lightness and softness. I use it as a pillowcase. I take a relaxing bath and gently care for my skin with this fluffy organic cotton. I can't stop using it...

Of course, it's also a great bath towel! It's only 175g and very thin, so it dries quickly after washing and can be washed without worrying about the rainy season. And yet it absorbs water well. It's a popular item at It's so easy that has a high repeat rate.

SEKEM - Baby Cotton Blanket

SEKEM is a pioneering brand that was the first in Egypt to start cotton cultivation that meets the world's strictest "Demeter Standards." The cotton spinning and weaving processes are also made carefully by hand according to strict standards.

The large 120cm x 120cm size was chosen with the input of mothers. Its appeal is that it can be used for a variety of purposes, not just for your child's nap. I picked up Asami to accompany me while I do my deskwork. When I do my shopping in an eco-friendly way, I'm in a good mood all day. I even hum a tune while I do the laundry.

As soon as I put it on my lap, I thought, "Wow, this is amazing."

I was quietly impressed by how much difference it makes when you're wrapped up tightly all the way down to the bottom, without having to worry about your feet getting cold when you're working at a desk. And it's not too long to get in the way. I was skeptical about the size of this for an adult, but I was instantly hooked.

Of course, it's the same when we sleep. In our bedroom, futons on tatami mats are the rule. I still treasure the futon set I've been using for over a decade. But one thing I'm bothered by is the scratchy feeling of blankets made from chemical fibers. That's where organic cotton comes in! When you fold it over a little bit and let it stick out from the comforter, it's so comfortable you'll want to bury your face in it, instantly solving that long-standing problem. Of course, you might feel uneasy about just using a towel blanket in the chilly season, but it's also great for spring and summer, so having one is a real lifesaver. That's the kind of blanket it is.

By the way, this brand also sells baby bibs.

Because it's something you use every day, you want to choose something that is gentle on your baby.


sisi FILLE - Facial Cotton

 Carefully handpicked and unbleached. Fair trade organic cotton from Tanzania is entangled with natural water from Kyushu, and is made with time and effort. The large size makes it perfect for wipe-off care and packs! Made in Japan, it can be used on baby's skin. Give it a try to experience the moist texture that only unbleached cotton can provide.


When you touch organic cotton, the gentleness of nature is infused into it. We are lending that gentleness from the earth for a little while. I think this is what it means to choose things that go back to the earth. First of all, cherish what you already have. Don't throw it away easily, even if it cannot be returned to nature. Use it until it is torn, broken, and unusable, and even then, think of another way to use it. When the time comes to replace it, I would like to have an ethical option.

I hope this feeling reaches the hearts of as many people as possible.

Finally, my favorite quote:

As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy. –Emma Watson

STAFF: Asami

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