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The skin is a mirror that reflects the internal organs

If you are concerned about beauty and health, you may have heard the saying , " The skin is a mirror that reflects the internal organs ."

This is a phrase often used in traditional Chinese medicine, and it simply means that an unhealthy intestinal environment leads to unhealthy skin!

As the name suggests, constipation or gastrointestinal problems can lead to pimples, dullness, and skin problems.

When skin trouble occurs, it is a good idea to rely on trusted cosmetics to improve the condition, but

Since last year, many people have been working remotely and spending more time at home, and have started to focus on the inside of their bodies.

I am one of those people who have started to be conscious of what I put in my mouth, little by little, within my limits!

Supplements, superfoods, fasting... I'm attracted to trending words and I've been planning to try out a few of them, but I'm the type of person who never gets around to doing them.

For now, I have decided to reconsider what I drink, focusing on the fact that the body is made up of about 65% water.

Of course, this doesn't mean giving up coffee or alcohol, but rather making a slight shift.

This is Bodhi Mate tea available at It's so easy .

Mate tea is a beverage that is mainly produced in South America, including Argentina, and is consumed daily there, similar to green tea or roasted green tea in Japan.

Bodhi Mate tastes similar to green tea with a subtle, clean, astringent flavor.

The South American diet, which is centered around meat and grains, allows them to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle thanks to mate tea (commonly known as a drinkable salad), which is rich in dietary fiber.

It also contains many nutrients that are good for women, and a small amount of caffeine, so I think that if you brew it strong, it could be used as a natural energy drink.

After continuing to drink it, I noticed that my body's fluid metabolism has improved and my bowel movements have gotten better!

It seems that detoxification of toxins from the body can only be done through urine, feces, and sweat, so it feels like this product gives you that extra boost.

As expected, as it is called a salad to drink, I could feel that it is rich in dietary fiber.

In addition, you will never get tired of it and it goes well with any meal, so it's the perfect tea for regular dim sum, whether you're drinking it while eating, doing yoga, or just to hydrate in the bath!

I gave it to my husband, and he seemed to like it, and started complaining if I ran out of tea leaves.

It looks like this will be a regular dim sum choice in 2021 as well!

If you drink from a mate jar or bombilla ( special straw ) , you can drink the fine tea leaves as well, which will greatly increase your nutrient intake.

Also makes a great unique gift!

Please also read the diary of LIFE IS A JOURNEY, the seller of Bodhi MATE , about their journey to finding this mate tea !


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