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Design and story. Small items that are always around us.

An ethical column written irregularly by Asami, a staff member at It's so easy.

In this issue of VOL.2, we look at the everyday accessories that are always around us.

We will introduce you to some wonderful stories and products.

■AREAWARE (right photo)

AREAWARE key rings available at It's so easy.

"If I received this key ring as a gift, I would be so happy I would use it right away."

There is a mysterious and fascinating presence as such conversations fly about.

It's also fun to have one that you can customize to your liking by adding charms.

The area around keys tends to give off a surprisingly lived-in feel.

The simple brass design is unisex, so it's great to wear matching pairs with your partner.

This is an adult item that you will want to cherish for a long time, as it becomes more endearing with each small scratch it gets.

■HAY (center of photo)

The simple and sophisticated design of the HAY clips is also appealing. I like how versatile they are and can be used in any situation or for any purpose.

My favorite is the handle type, which provides a firm grip. It's a great item to have when you're out and about, and also when working from home.

It's durable and has a strong grip, so I also use it as a clip to hold snack bags in place.


Another new addition to my collection of ethical items.

It is from "SALASUSU," a lifestyle item brand made with pride and love by around 60 craftsmen in a small workshop in rural Cambodia.

All products are made by women who did not even finish primary school and who have not had the opportunity to learn many things.

Learn how to take care of yourself and the importance of nutrition through school lunches.

There are things that even elementary and junior high school students in Japan learn, but Cambodian women only learn them after they become mothers.

Even though we were in different places, it was very meaningful for me to be able to help them in some small way as a woman.

On the inside there are stamps of the three women who made my pouch!

The pouches made in Cambodia by Voeng Tran (cutting), Hai Sreyleak (sewing), and Vann Khen (quality check) arrive at my home in Japan. I can't really put into words the feelings I get when I think about the journey, but it's like my heart is warmed from the inside. I can't help but feel love. I want to hug them tightly. In this day and age where things are overflowing and you can get anything you want right away, it's a feeling I should have known but had forgotten. It's a wonderful brand where you can see who made it and where and how it was made (this is called transparency), and feel the happiness of paying its true value. It's a warmth that I want you to feel.

Along with the pouch, I was given a piece of paper that looked like an airplane ticket. It was a free pass with no expiration date that allowed me to meet the makers directly at the workshop. Thanks to this ticket, I have a new dream of going to Cambodia someday.

STAFF: Asami

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