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Skin ready for the summer

As soon as the long rainy season ended, we suddenly had a series of scorchingly hot days. The relentless sunshine is baking us down.

In addition to the heat, this year we are faced with the harsh reality that we have to live our lives wearing masks.

I've never really liked summer, but with the mask-wearing lifestyle now unavoidable, I finally picked up a handheld fan this year.

Even if you increase the number of items you use to prevent heatstroke, when you get home and take off your mask, your skin will be exhausted and in a state of summer fatigue due to damage caused by friction, sweat, and air conditioning.

"I want to take good care of myself, but I'm tired and I don't have the motivation."

"I don't want to sweat and have to put on all sorts of things while I'm doing my skincare routine."

"What kind of care should I give?"

At times like these, ORGAID's Essence Mask is a great ally.

You can complete your care routine with just one sheet, and the non-woven fabric and special gel make it adhere tightly to your skin and you can leave it on for 20 minutes, so it has all sorts of great features!

There are three types, so you can just choose the one that matches your skin tone and stick it on!

After peeling it off, your skin will feel moisturized, one tone brighter, and your mood will improve.

Let's get through this harsh summer together with ORGAID's essence mask, which you'll look forward to using.


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