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That cute thing in your bathroom. Introducing a hair comb that looks like an accessory!

The Machete hair comb joined the It's so easy range this summer and quickly sold out.

Due to many requests, the A/W colors are now back in stock!

This hair comb looks incredibly chic and cute, but it's not just the appearance that's cute!

It is a "NO PLASTIC" product made from a renewable raw material called bioacetate. Many of you may have heard the word bioacetate recently.

Simply put, it is a kind of plant-based plastic made from plant fibers that is 100 % biodegradable and 100 % renewable, and is an alternative to petroleum-based materials.

It is a sustainable material that is as durable as conventional plastics and environmentally friendly.

Each machete is handmade by Italian artisans, and is gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to use.

The flexibility of the comb is also in a class of its own when compared to plastic ones.

There are many hair salons in the neighborhood of It's so easy, and Machete combs are highly popular among hairdressers who come to shop there.

Hearing the information provided by hair and scalp professionals makes you want it even more.

I also overheard a conversation about how it would be cute if the hairdresser just stuck it around their waist like an accessory, and I couldn't help but nod in agreement.

Machete is a brand that also makes earrings, so a simple comb has a mysterious charm that makes it look like an accessory.

It's no wonder that girls are thrilled!

It's nice to use the mini size when you're out and about and the long, fine-toothed comb when you're at home.

It is durable and can be used in the bath, so it may help the treatment penetrate better.

Every time new items arrive, the staff look at the display cases in awe, wondering which pattern is best.

We only have a limited number of pieces in stock, so if you find one that really catches your eye, be sure to take it home with you!

In today's world where disposable items are being reconsidered, it is very important to start by changing the things you use every day.

I want to find something high quality that I can love and cherish and use for a long time.


It 's so easy is also participating in VOGUE FASHION'S NIGHT IN, which is being held from Friday, October 23rd to Sunday, November 8th, 2020 .

One of the missions of FNO / FNI is to "contribute to society through fashion," and in order to achieve this, they use environmentally friendly sustainable materials, and are attracting attention for their zero waste initiatives through completely made-to-order production. The "Machete Hair Comb" introduced in this article can also be purchased from their WEBSHOP.

We hope you enjoy this new event.

During VOGUE FASHION'S NIGHT IN, sustainable products recommended by our buyers will be on display at the store's main table. Please take this opportunity to stop by.

All our staff are looking forward to seeing you.


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