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簡単&おいしい♡缶詰クッキングのすすめ VOL.2

Easy & Delicious♡Recommendations for Cooking with Canned Foods VOL.2

I don't buy many canned foods, so I looked in my pantry and sure enough, there was only one can of mackerel. Ah, I bought it when it was all the rage this year. I bought it, but I didn't know what to do with it, and it's been several months since then. I've somehow avoided canned foods until now, but It's so easy has six different kinds selected!

Packed with nutrition and flavor, this canned oil can be used as is in cooking or spread on baguette.

I have a feeling these reliable canned goods will soon become a part of my pantry's starting lineup.

Of course you can eat it as is, but with a little modification it can be transformed into a main dish or a snack!

It's nice to prepare elaborate meals to entertain guests, but it's also nice to have a hygge dinner where all the guests at the table help out.


◇Here are some canapes made with cod roe pate!

Whole wheat mini toasts with a great crispy texture!

◇ Simply top with your favorite ingredients for an easy arrangement! Bring the excitement of hand-rolled sushi to the table.

I also made salmon & cream cheese and prosciutto & avocado.

The container made from a wine bottle seen in the back right is one of my favorite eco-friendly items. It is filled with "Drunken Cheese" that I found at Bio c' Bon , an organic supermarket from Paris. This is also delicious!

Here's one more recommendation.

◇"Terrine Bio"

This terrine is made with Corsican pigs raised on pasture in the great outdoors of Corsica and their prosciutto. It goes perfectly with red wine and sake. It also has the AOC, BIO and AB marks, so you can rest assured. There are many other varieties, such as olive & herb, hazelnut & white wine, so be sure to check them out!

◇Spicy mackerel pate as a vegetable dip

Add some mayonnaise and arrange your favorite vegetables on top to finish! Using a plate to eat the peppers makes it look stylish and reduces the amount of dishes you have to wash, so it kills two birds with one stone.

The key is to choose one with a sturdy base so that it can stand up.

◇Ajillo made with canned mackerel

Pour plenty of olive oil into a skillet and heat until the garlic aroma comes out. Add your favorite ingredients, one chili pepper, and a can of mackerel with the oil, and you're done. There was no fishy smell, which I was a little worried about, and I was able to easily make a delicious ajillo!


◇Pasta with sardines and tomatoes in oil

Just add some oil and garlic and you can turn this into a great main dish!

I want to try other organic pastas, but recently the Italian "alce nero" organic whole wheat spaghetti has been a staple in my house. I'm so addicted to it that when I run out, I feel anxious about not buying more right away.

◇Recommended organic supermarkets

I often go to "Natural House" and "Crayon House" near It's so easy. A while ago, the corn that was picked that morning and eaten raw was the best♪ I always have "Igaiga throat lozenges" in my bag, and I love "Vitabio" apple guava cranberry so I keep them in the fridge so I can drink them whenever I want. I also recommend "ALISHAN" dried fruits! I'm a big fan of "Bio c' Bon" that I mentioned earlier, and I even check their Instagram.

Recently, it opened in front of Meiji Jingu Shrine, so I have a feeling I'll be going there often. Actually, I went there yesterday too lol

Of course, I also got the original 100% organic cotton bag ♪

When you go to "Bio c' Bon", you feel like you're in a supermarket overseas, so you'll want to keep looking around.

The generous servings of "BIO Mortadella" are great for lunch sandwiches or as a side dish for dinner. I usually look for condiments and household goods at "Bonraspail" or "Kodawariya."

Tsushima's "Hamamoshio Ekosuru Moshio" is an eco-friendly salt made from biomass chips made from thinning wood, and is perfect for tempura and tofu.

◇The organic mushroom soup from Lithuania's "AUGA" goes well with the dinner introduced this time.

A mild potage made with organic coconut milk. Don't forget the organic croutons from Italy's "MONVISO"!

 As I was introducing various things, I started to get hungry...

As I write this column, Asami is determined to continue trying organic food during the autumn when appetites are at their peak.

STAFF: Asami

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