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■A sunscreen you can drink!??

"Matchæologist®/meiko, midori, matsu"

The container has a simple and stylish design that evokes skincare.

This is actually matcha.

Kits that include tea utensils are also available for sale. It would also make a great souvenir for people from overseas.

I was thinking that, but then I was even more surprised to hear that it was a British product.

The matcha used is from Uji, Kyoto, and the modernist ``Matchaologist'' blends Western and Japanese styles and has been my all-time favorite this summer.

When handling this product at It's so easy , We started this project with the idea in mind of finding a way to enjoy matcha in the perfect midsummer. Chilled matcha.

Apparently, matcha contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It seems to be a perfect product for summer.

Upon further investigation, we find that it contains many nutrients that are exactly what is needed to treat age spots, wrinkles, and freckles caused by exposure to UV rays!

Once I realized this wonderful benefit, I started drinking chilled matcha tea from my bottle every day.


I gulp it down as if it were a drinkable sunscreen supplement.

Every time you shake it, the fine crema-like foam that forms on the surface is smooth and delicious. I've somehow become addicted to it.

That's why This summer, chilled matcha has become the best partner for creating health and beauty from within the body. A buyer from It's so easy bought a bottle of mineral water while on a business trip overseas, put matcha in it, shook it up and drank it.

The idea of ​​carrying around this cute allows you to drink whenever you want.

I had no idea at all. I've been trying to imitate it secretly lately.

For those who like alcohol, we recommend matcha beer, which contains matcha for its colorful flavor!

■ Feel Japan

"Corridor Gallery Gate / Kasama"

As the Olympics approach, I've been seeing more and more foreigners in various places. Perhaps because of this, I've been seeing more and more goods written in Japanese and other products that are unique to Japan. I've been really drawn to "MADE IN JAPAN" items and atmosphere lately. While I was visiting my hometown for the Obon festival, I visited "Kairou Gallery Gate" for the first time in a while. Kasama is a town famous for its pottery, and all the pottery on display at Kairou Gallery Gate is really beautiful. I could stay there for hours, it's my favorite shop where I can really feel like I'm in Japan.

I like to collect tableware that is not necessarily the same, so when I look at pottery, I feel like I am choosing a painting, and time flies by. This shop is filled with works by so many artists that I want to collect them. Inside the building, which uses recycled materials from a 300-year-old traditional Japanese house, the pottery is lined up in a space that surrounds a courtyard. Next, I think I will go look for tableware to enjoy hot matcha tea. That's what I thought while writing this article about matcha.


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