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This is what I've bought 3 times or more this winter

■ Wash your hands with dishwashing detergent


I've been using THE GENTLE LABEL dish soap ever since it was released.

It looks stylish, has a large capacity, and has a pleasant citrus scent.

This detergent makes washing dishes fun, but the reason I keep buying it again and again is because

It's gentle enough to be used as a hand soap.
Thanks to that, I was able to get through this winter without succumbing to the double punch of hot water and detergent.
Another thing I love about it is its excellent cleaning power.
I love natto, so I have to wash slimy bowls almost every day.
Add one drop of detergent to a bowl soaked in water.
Wait about a minute and then rinse, and it feels so smooth and silky!
You can quickly wash pots and pans that have been burnt on the grill or from sauces.
We also recommend using this secret trick to clean your glasses lenses to make them shiny.



I love sweet scents, so when I see names like vanilla and coconut,
I have a tendency to want to try out all kinds of cosmetics and food.
During the coconut oil boom a few years ago, people tried various brands.

I remember using it a lot.
Among them, the coconut in HERBIVORE's COCONUTS BODY OIL is unfair.
It's like vanilla and cookies, but also has a hint of coconut.

Once you smell the fresh, sweet scent, you'll be hooked.

It contains a little bit of jasmine, so it has a refreshing scent.

The downside of coconut oil is that it hardens in the winter,

This oil is made using a special process that makes it unaffected by temperature.

It's made so that you can use as much as you want, whenever you want.

*Please note that this is not edible.

This winter, it was popular to take a bath mixing this oil with a bath soak of the same scent.
HERBIVORE's COCONUTS series can be used with babies.
You can enjoy a blissful moment while raising your child.

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