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To the land of desire

A number of factors came together and I finally made it to Malta.
It's a place I've wanted to visit for years.

The sky, the sea, the mountains, the sun, the moon, and even people.
It was a journey that made me strongly feel that the Earth and the universe are all on my side.

A fairly leisurely trip lasting just over a week.
I'm the type of person who always has a detailed plan for the day and doesn't feel at ease unless things go according to plan.
But this time, it depends on the time, the weather, and how I feel on that day.
Pay attention to and listen to such "natural things" and surrender your body and mind to them.
I tried to live each day as if I were living there.

"Don't rush. Don't push yourself. Go with the flow."
This was very difficult for me, so I was very conscious of this and worked hard.

Don't panic if things don't go as planned.
Think about it again slowly.
Then it's okay to get moving.

It was strange.
Of course, there were times when things didn't go well and I felt down, but even so, I'm sure someone would help me, and when no one could help me, I would think as hard as I could and act as hard as I could on my own. Then, I would be able to get to where I wanted to go, and happy encounters and fateful encounters with unexpected people would be waiting for me.

I was able to experience so many beautiful things.
For the first time in my life, everything was so beautiful.

Delicious food, the warmth of people, the wonder and blessings of nature.
And then, a number of unexpected miracles occurred.
(Maybe it's just something I'm born with, that anything can happen anywhere, anytime. Lol.)

I was able to spend some time with myself and feel refreshed.
I was able to have many experiences that I would not normally have.
It was a solo trip that made me feel even more that "life is truly the best."

To enjoy something or to feel sad,
Whether you think it's a good thing or a bad thing,
It's all up to you. One way of thinking.
Something I felt strongly once again when I found myself in a different environment than usual.

I felt empowered both physically and mentally, gained weight, and returned home safely.
Ahhh, traveling alone is definitely the best!
Where's the next place...?

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