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I wonder how often Japanese people take a bath in a bathtub.

In the past, I would only go once or twice a year.

No matter how cold it is, take a shower.

Since I was leading a very busy life, I tried to spend as little time as possible taking a bath.

Even so, I had a hard life with only about 4 hours of sleep a day.

By the way, right now...

I now take half-body baths for more than 30 minutes more than half the week, or almost every day.

I even wondered why it suddenly happened...

There are many circumstances that cannot be summed up in one word,

I read a lot of books and get inspiration from them.

You can experience how taking a half-body bath can positively change your mind and body.

I feel like I was somehow guided into this kind of life.

I think various things came together at the right time for me to take the time to face myself.

I usually like to keep busy all the time.

While taking a half-body bath, I do a lot of things.

・Sing enthusiastically while playing music

・Talk to yourself and speak out loud what is in your mind

・Massage your whole body with your favorite HERBIVORE jasmine body oil

-Try different breathing techniques, making sure to take deep breaths

・Just space out, empty your mind and become nothing

And many more.

Do what you want to do at that time.

Don't do anything you don't want to do.

I think you can easily imagine that half-body baths are good for your body, but

I believe that mental maintenance has a big impact.

After taking a half-body bath, I feel incredibly refreshed.

I wonder if this is truly a case of "letting go of the things you don't like!"

Somehow, taking a relaxing bath and taking my time makes me feel more honest.

My cluttered mind became clear,

I felt like I could express my feelings more easily than usual.

I often realize things about myself, like, "Oh, so that's what I thought."

I think there are many people who take in a lot of different things every day,

It is also absolutely necessary to have a place for output, so the balance is important.

If you just cram too much into your mind, you'll get tired, so once you've packed it all in, you need to express it as much as possible.

Time for a half-body bath.

Detox time for the mind and body.

It may be a new outlet for me.

In order to express yourself, you need to know yourself.

That's right, the jasmine body oil that I use every day.

It has become a pointless life without it.

Once you use it, you'll be hooked.

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