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I tried using the currently popular Furyu


I tried using the currently popular Furyu

I first started using this product at the gym. I wanted to reduce the amount of bath products I used at the gym, so I searched for an all-in-one product, and NATURAL COSMO's Furyu was what convinced me.

*A shampoo specialized in treating damage and scalp aging.

We also recommend using the Dessert Spa line once a week.

Left: Furyu Treatment Shampoo ¥5,400 (tax included)

Right: Hair Dessert Spa ¥6,480 (tax included)

Since it is a treatment shampoo, this one bottle is all you need.

That alone makes me very happy that my bath set has become lighter,

It's a great product that can also be used as a body soap.

In other words, you can go to the gym with just one bottle.

The foaming and squeaking sensation that is characteristic of non-silicone products may vary from person to person, but

In comparison, I think this product is good enough to wash medium-long hair with just two pumps, and it lathers up really well.

The unique feature of this shampoo is that it creates a foam pack on your hair, which will penetrate into your hair and disappear over time.

*The photo shows just the right amount for one push.

After a week of continued use, your hair quality and scalp will change, and one push will be enough to create a lather.

From that position, wrap a hot towel around your head and head to the gym's sauna!

Steaming for a few minutes will make your hair shinier.

Since it was a perfect fit for how I wanted to use my time, I decided to make this my gym shampoo of choice.

*It still foams up when dissolved in water. The fine foam penetrates deep into your hair, leaving it shiny.

NATURAL COSMO has three types of shampoo series:

The most popular one is Furyu, which is specialized for all scalp and hair problems, and is actually the most expensive.

Still, the reason this product is so popular is probably because of the luxurious ingredients that you can feel the difference with continued use.

I was convinced.

The size isn't particularly large, so I'm wondering how cost-effective it is for everyday use.

I was hesitant at first, but after I decided on the shampoo to use at the gym,

I go to the gym because I want to use shampoo. In other words, it's raining today. I don't skip it anymore. (Simple)

We tend to think that it is important to use it continuously, but I think it is also possible to continue using it in different ways depending on the situation in your daily life. When you think about it that way, everyone has their own ideas about cost-effectiveness, so it's all about ingenuity!

If you have scalp problems, this is a product you should definitely try!

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