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HERBIVORE BOTANICALS releases limited special kit

I feel that there are an increasing number of initiatives that are kind to the environment and the planet, and that lifestyles, too, are changing rapidly in terms of the ways people relieve stress and the sources of support they use to look after their own physical condition.
I think it was influenced in part by the boom at the time, but in my own experience, it started with yoga and meditation, and the importance of light, smell, breathing, and space that come with it. Going further, there are words like purification and the moon.
Sage and palo santo scents are popular among our products, and many people are aware of their meanings. I feel that the trend toward incorporating natural remedies into everyday life and trying to adopt a more positive mindset is a wonderful thing, regardless of the method used.
Meanwhile, a boom in natural stones has arrived, and inquiries to HERBIVORE are increasing rapidly.
There are oils named after natural stones and scrubs made with real natural stones on the market, so it's only natural that you'll be intrigued at first sight.
Previously, this brand released a jade face roller along with a face oil named "Emerald", which quickly sold out, reaffirming the popularity of natural stones. Now, the second special limited edition kit, the Lapis Lapis Litual Kit, is now available in limited quantities.
The main natural stone used this time is lapis lazuli.
It is the birthstone for September and December, and is said to open the third eye, which is said to be able to see the truth, and bring good fortune.
I'm sure some knowledgeable people will say, "Well, that has the same effect as ____ stone," but I'm not very familiar with invisible power... I'll give you a brief explanation of what I've researched and summarized.
Lapis lazuli is not said to ward off evil spirits or attract good fortune (although in modern terms it would be called purification), but it is a stone that does not have the concept of negativity, and is a natural stone that will not give in to you.
Hmm, it seems new!? I investigated further and found that
■It helps correct the choices you tend to make when you are feeling weak and guides you in the right direction.
■No matter how much your negative thoughts try to go against Lapis Lazuli's guidance, there is absolutely no chance of victory.
■Lapis lazuli is simply powerful.
If your heart breaks, it will suddenly start an emergency operation to restore you, like a personal doctor living in your heart. It's like a guardian deity with its feet on the ground, guiding you to rest when you should, and pushing you forward when you should, even when your mental health is low.
Rather than being about the "power" that is unique to natural stones, I interpret this as meaning that it is a "stone that has true strength" in the truest sense.
The very realistic meaning of this word seems like it would be a good fit for women who struggle with hormonal balance.
Nowadays, many women fall into a negative spiral, falling into self-loathing whenever their feminine balance is fluctuated, so lapis lazuli can become like a familiar supplement, helping to dispel the saying that "illness comes from the mind."
Simply enjoying your favorite scent, using soothing skin care products, and enjoying a massage with a lapis lazuli roller or gua sha can make you feel recharged.
You can keep it by your bedside or desk, or carry it in your bag as a talisman.
It can be fun to use it for special occasions, just like burning sage or palo santo.
Why not start the new year off right with this beautiful blue face oil made from lapis lazuli and lapis lazuli?
*Descriptions of natural stones are based on personal opinions.
<Product name>
Face Oil (Lapis Lazuli) Ritual Kit
<Set contents>
Lapis Lazuli Face Oil (15mL/limited size), facial roller, guasha plate
*Since natural stones are used, the pattern of the stone may differ from that shown in the photo.
<Product Details>
This Lapis Lazuli Ritual Kit will be available for general sale from January 1st, 2021.
Advance reservations will be accepted until December 28, 2020.
For reservations, please contact us at .
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