Shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide (free for orders over 11,000 yen including tax)

Counselling by email has begun

Due to the temporary closure of our Minami Aoyama store,
We have started offering counseling via email from our shop staff.

You can make a purchase with a click on our web shop, but if you feel like something is missing, if you want to discuss something before purchasing, or if you haven't made a purchase but would like to tell someone about something that happened to you recently, why not talk to us by email?

We hope to have a relaxed conversation, just like the ones we have over a leisurely cup of tea in our shop.

Since this is our first attempt,
There may be some mistakes due to inexperience, but please forgive me.

For those of you who have been using LINE a lot lately and haven't sent emails, please feel free to contact us just like you would LINE.
Even just saying "Hello!" makes me very happy.

If you have any purchases, we will receive your order and payment via email.

We welcome emails requesting our regular staff, as well as emails from those discovering It's so easy for the first time!

Please feel free to email me.

<Today ~ Limited to the period during which the physical store is closed>

*For general inquiries other than those listed above, please contact
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