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HUMBLE プラントベースハブラシ

A new proposal from THE HUMBLE CO. that will greatly expand your options!

A new addition to the Swedish toothbrush line, featuring cute, pop colors!

■What is THE HUMBLE CO.?
The organization was founded in 2013 after its founder, Noel Abdayem, participated in a dental volunteer program in Jamaica while he was a dental student.
The Humble Smile Foundation provides oral care support to children around the world who live in areas that need it, and your shopping can support their activities. They improve the diet and oral care habits of children who have never even used a toothbrush, provide training and advice from experts, donate Humble products, and more. They provide the support that is most needed at any given time to protect smiles around the world.

HUMBLE Plant-Based Toothbrush

■What THE HUMBLE CO. values
✔️No harmful chemicals✔️No animal testing✔️All products are vegan✔️Cruelty-free✔️FDA approved✔️Dentist-developed✔️Simple and functional Scandinavian design✔️Eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging

■Bamboo baby toothbrush
The long-awaited baby version is now available! It's a really small and cute size that can be used from babies who just started to get teeth until they are about 2 years old and start to show interest in brushing their teeth by themselves.
The soft bio-based nylon brush is gentle on your baby's delicate teeth and gums, making it the perfect choice for your baby's first tooth brushing session.

HUMBLE Baby Bamboo Toothbrush

■Bamboo toothbrush with replaceable head
I've never thought of it like this! If you want to make more environmentally friendly choices, we recommend the replaceable head type. It comes with a reusable handle and 3 heads.
Bathroom items can be surprisingly bulky. This new type of toothbrush fits into a minimalist lifestyle, as there is no need to stock multiple toothbrushes.

HUMBLE Head replacement type

■Plant-based toothbrush
While bamboo is generally used for eco toothbrushes, THE HUMBLE CO. has taken on the challenge of creating a bio-based plastic that uses 45% wheat starch! The brush part is made of BPA-free bio-based nylon. It has a stylish look, but the colorful brush is playful, typical of THE HUMBLE CO. Of course, it is also available in a kids' size☺
For those who have tried it once but felt it didn't suit them, or who have been hesitant to take the first step because they're not sure what bamboo is like, we recommend the plant-based type, which has no gap in comfort! It's so easy staff keep it in stock for when friends come over to play.

HUMBLE Plant-Based Toothbrush

Why not try earth-friendly oral care with THE HUMBLE CO., which makes brushing your teeth fun?

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