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Whitening and tooth sensitivity care at the same time

Davids Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive was released in May 2022 and has gradually become a popular flavor. What's so good about it? How is it different from other flavors? Some of you may be wondering the same thing. To put it simply, it is a toothpaste that allows you to easily whiten and care for sensitive teeth at home .

What is hypersensitivity?
We've all heard of tooth sensitivity, but why does it actually occur and what does it mean? It is said that the main causes are aging, periodontal disease, improper brushing (too much force, etc.), teeth grinding, clenching, etc., which causes the gums to recede, exposing the dentin , which is the root of the tooth.

Mechanism of tooth hypersensitivity

Dentin is a tissue located inside the surface of the tooth (enamel), and has countless holes (dentinal tubules) on its surface. When stimuli are transmitted to the nerves (dentin pulp) through these holes, the tooth feels sensitive. First of all, it is important to relieve tooth pain caused by hypersensitive teeth and repair the enamel in daily care .

We tested Davids's repair capabilities.
The photo below shows an actual tooth nerve (dentin tubule) magnified 300 times.

Comparison with other companies' products

Davids Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive significantly outperformed other tested products and was found to be the most effective at repairing dentin tubules and blocking nerve access to relieve the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.

Addressing the causes of tooth sensitivity
Our teeth and bones are mainly composed of a natural mineral called "hydroxyapatite," and tooth enamel is made up of approximately 97% of this mineral.

Davids Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive contains "nano hydroxyapatite" which repairs tooth enamel and cares for sensitive teeth and gums due to temperature stimuli . Nano-hydroxyapatite, made from natural ingredients, repairs teeth by blocking the passages to the tooth nerves (dentinal tubules) and relieves pain. Our teeth are constantly being decarbonized (i.e. the components of the surface of the enamel are being dissolved) by the acids in our food and the bad bacteria found in plaque. Nano-hydroxyapatite works with the natural saliva in the mouth to remineralize the enamel and promote repair.

Whitening effect
Damaged enamel is thought to be one of the causes of yellowing of teeth, and by creating a smooth tooth surface, it reflects more light, enhances brilliance, and whitens teeth. Nano-hydroxyapatite also acts as a filler to repair delicate holes and scratches in the enamel, remineralizing the enamel. Another great thing about repaired enamel is that it makes the teeth smoother and makes it harder for plaque and stains to adhere to the teeth.

By remineralizing the teeth, the surface of the teeth is made healthy and translucent, allowing the natural white dentin to show through, leading to beautiful teeth. Your teeth will remain with you for the rest of your life, and if you are going to brush your teeth three times a day, you want to use something that will give you better care.

Davids Whitening Toothpaste (Sensitive)

Made with 100% natural ingredients
In addition to caring for sensitive teeth and stains, it is made using only 100% natural ingredients, so it can be used safely by the whole family, from small children to adults, and the traceability of all ingredients is clear, making it very pleasant to use. Using fresh mint oil delivered directly from contracted mint farmers, Davids uniquely combines the fresh mint oil to create an incredibly refreshing mint flavor.

Davids Whitening Toothpaste (Sensitive)

Can also be used with electric toothbrushes
With its smooth paste and gentle foam, it can be used safely by those who use electric toothbrushes.

Davids Whitening Toothpaste (Sensitive) Texture

The 149g size has a tube squeezer so that you can use it all up without waste. It has already been a year since our staff, who were troubled by sensitive teeth and thin teeth, started using it. Now they can eat cold foods without hesitation, and because their teeth are less likely to get dirty, they go to the dentist once a year instead of once a month for whitening. Even if you are already troubled by sensitive teeth or stained teeth, this is a recommended bottle that will make you realize, "Huh? Maybe my teeth don't hurt as much these days? Maybe my teeth are less likely to get dirty." by the time you finish using one bottle.

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