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NEW IN! naure のタマヌオイル

NEW IN! Naure Tamanu Oil

■What kind of oil is it?
Tamanu is a rather cute name. I'm sure there are many people who have never heard of it before.
Tamanu oil
is an oil made from the seeds of the Calophyllum oleracea tree. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has long been used as a medicine for skin diseases in islands such as Hawaii and Tahiti.

Calophyllum nigricans

This oil has long been loved as a "miracle cure-all" and has been attracting attention in recent years because it contains a balanced amount of oleic acid and linoleic acid, which are necessary for moisturizing the skin!
It's so easy has now started selling naure products, which are MADE in JAPAN.

naure product list

Ikema Island, located north of Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture, is a small remote island surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Naure's items are made from plant materials rooted in the land, and are full of kindness that gently embraces your life, without waste and with everything you need.

Ikema Island

■ "Soft" manufacturing that does not harm the environment or people's lives
In Okinawa, the Terihaboku tree is called the "Yarabu tree." At naure, we collect only the fruits that have fallen naturally one by one. They are grown without taking resources from elsewhere or damaging the existing natural environment.

Tamanu fruit

Ikema Island is like a big family, where everyone helps each other out, but in recent years it has been experiencing depopulation and an aging population. As life and nature change little by little, the Yalabu tree has begun to grow as an industry.

Scene of work cracking tamanu nuts

Apparently cracking tamanu nuts has become a "small job" that even old ladies who can no longer work in the fields can enjoy. The yarabu trees , which were originally roadside trees and windbreaks on the island , have been reborn as more gentle beings. The more you learn about this, the more wonderful the craftsmanship is.

■One bottle for every household! Let's try using Tamanu oil!
Cold-pressed Tamanu oil has a beautiful golden color and a rich, nutty scent. It penetrates quickly and blends into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling. But it's so moisturizing, it's irresistible...
Not only is it ideal for anti-aging care due to its high antioxidant properties, but it also works as a rescue oil when your skin becomes rough.

Tamanu Oil Texture

It's so easy carries a wide variety of face oils, but what exactly are Tamanu's strengths? We asked a staff member who has been using Tamanu oil for several years about its recommended features.

Q. How did you discover Tamanu Oil?
- A. It has helped me a lot in caring for my child with atopic dermatitis, so I think it's a trustworthy oil! I also have sensitive skin, so if something happens, I apply Tamanu first.

- Q. When should I use it as part of my daily skin care routine?
- A. If you want to incorporate it into your routine as a beauty oil, start by doing it simply as you normally would. Put 2-3 drops on your face after applying lotion and press it with both hands. It's better to gently massage it in rather than spreading it out! If you want to prepare your skin to prevent roughness or if you think your skin needs nutrition, try using it as a booster oil before applying lotion.

- Q. I want to use it as medicine!
- A. Tamanu oil has long been used to treat various problems such as cuts, burns, insect bites, eczema, and diaper rash. Don't think too hard about it, just apply it whenever you notice something bothering you, like I did. Mix it with moisturizing cream for children's rough skin. When I see the redness disappear from the itchy, inflamed skin, I feel relieved and at the same time realize the power of the plant.

Tamanu Oil

It's so easy also carries other naure items. The soap, which contains plenty of the much-talked-about tamanu oil, creates fluffy foam. The face mist, which is based on shell ginger distilled water, is luxuriously formulated with island ingredients such as calendula leaf extract and aloe vera.

Feel the natural blessings of beautiful Ikema Island on your skin.

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