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+1の新習慣 タングスクレーパーって なぁに?

+1 New Habit What is a Tongue Scraper?

This may be a sudden question, but do you take care of your tongue?

Do you brush your teeth at the same time as you brush your teeth? Do you use a special brush? Do you do nothing? For what purpose? To care for bad breath? There are likely to be a variety of opinions on this topic.

In the world of Ayurveda, it is routine to cleanse your tongue and detox first thing in the morning. It is believed that undigested food travels through the body while you sleep and rises to the surface of your skin and tongue.

Tongue care is often thought of as a way to deal with bad breath, but it also sharpens your sense of taste, making food taste better, and checking your body's nutritional and bacterial balance, and it's surprising that it can even help prevent colds.

■Reasons why we recommend Davids

If you look around, you'll find that tongue scrapers come in a wide range of materials and prices.

Disposable ones are cheaper, but the waste problem is a concern. And how do they feel to use?

So, here are three things we like about the Davids Tongue Scraper that impressed our It's so easy staff, who tried it out before everyone else.

01. 100% professional medical stainless steel

It can be used almost forever without worrying about rust or deterioration, so it's very environmentally friendly. It fits perfectly with our rule that things we use every day have to be ethical! It's also dishwasher safe, so it's hygienic!

02. Stylish and compact

The Davids tongue scraper is designed to allow you to care for your tongue with one hand, and its simple appearance that doesn't take up much space is also appealing.

03. Above all, it's easy to use

The part that touches the tongue is small and not thick, so it's easy to use without any resistance, which may be the reason why it's easy to keep using it.

■It's so easy Tongue Care TALK

Our staff, who used to use U-shaped types and brush their tongues while brushing their teeth, fell in love with the feel of the Davids tongue scraper and have incorporated it into their daily oral care routine. After learning that being able to scrape more than usual is a sign that your stomach and intestines are tired, it has become an important step in our oral care routine, like a mini health check, to gauge our own condition. By the way, the best condition for your tongue is pink! Please check it out for yourself♪

I wondered if tongue care was a must...? But when I tried it, it felt so good that I'm now in my third week. Now I use it every morning and night. I'd like to recommend it to my family and friends! I'm also considering giving it as a gift. I heard that there is a copper type, but Davids' medical stainless steel is safe and comfortable without the typical metallic taste! I really like it♪ (STAFF:Asami)

I used to clean my tongue with a toothbrush, but now I use a tongue scraper. It's very smooth and I don't feel like I'm going to throw up when I brush my teeth, so it's very comfortable! I use it every morning and night, and I feel sick if I don't use the tongue scraper after brushing my teeth. (STAFF:M)

The first thing I do in the morning is use this tongue scraper. It's a great way to start the day. Brush scrapers are good, but this sleek stainless steel scraper is easy to use and I love the design. (STAFF: Y)

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Why not try Davids Tongue Scraper and start taking better care of your oral health?

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