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Travel companion

Free TRIPs are now available in 2023♡

Have you all made your travel plans yet?
The It's so easy staff are also making travel plans and are already excited♪ In this column, we will introduce our real "travel companions."

■ Items you should bring on board

01. Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Muslin Cotton Wrap

Although it was originally designed as a swaddling cloth for babies, it's also a really useful item for adults to have.
STAFF:Y also took it on a trip to Australia and fell in love with it! My Blanket is a must-have on a cold plane. It's cute to wear it when it's chilly or to protect yourself from the sun during your trip. It can also be transformed into a picnic blanket at the beach or in the park!
It can also be used as a diaper changing mat when traveling with children.
It folds up small so it doesn't get in the way and can be used in multiple ways.
The great thing about Snuggle Hunny Kids is that its designs make adults want them too.

02. Shirakaba lab

The start of the journey was a mixture of excitement and tension.
At times like these, why not take a break and relax with your favorite tea?
It's become a routine for me to bring my own tumbler and Shirakaba Lab tea bags on board. The Daily Blend, which contains German chamomile as the main ingredient and helps relieve tension, is essential on board when sleep tends to be shallow.

■In the end, multi-use, minimalist skin care is the best!

01. Lip Intimate Care Cleansing Moisturizing Oil

You may be wondering why you would bother to bring items for your delicate zones, but don't underestimate this oil. It will reduce your luggage considerably. It is absorbed into the skin quickly, so you don't need body cream, and if you use it on slightly damp hair, you can easily create wet styling.

When traveling, it is easy to put off taking care of your intimate areas, but as it is said to be a barometer of your body's condition, it is one of the things you should not neglect. When traveling and away from your usual environment, I feel like fragonia, which helps to regulate hormone balance, is my talisman.

02. ORGAID Essence Clear Mask

One of the biggest worries when traveling is skin care. You want to do your usual routine, but if you bring everything with you, your luggage will increase. That's when ORGAID masks come in handy! They are packed with rich beauty ingredients, so the best thing about them is that you can complete your skin care routine with just one mask.

If you're going on a summer trip or to a resort, try the Essence Clear Mask. Fresh organic lemon is good for your skin after sunburn!

If you bring along a great value multi-pack containing all three types of sheet masks, you can choose one that suits your condition that day, or have fun using them with friends.

■Waste-free oral care

01. Davids Whitening Toothpaste Charcoal 50g

02. THE HUMBLE CO. Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids

Davids, popular for the refreshing brushing sensation of natural mint oil, has chosen the travel size of 50g. The amenities are convenient, but the familiar MY oral care set is many times more comfortable.

■ Bedside items

01. SPECIES BY THE THOUSANDS - Roll-on aroma (lavender)

I usually carry this item with me as perfume, but when I travel I often use it as nail oil and fall asleep wrapped in my futon massaging my hands with it.


I play all day long, so I feel like I get a good night's sleep, but the quality of my sleep may not be that good.

It's reassuring to have a pillow mist that helps you get a deep, warm sleep.


We hope that your trip will be a most happy memory.
And actually, the STAFF travel column is also scheduled to return ♪ Look forward to it~♡

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