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環境のこともからだのことも美味しさも 本気で考えたタブレット

A tablet that takes the environment, your body, and deliciousness into serious consideration.

When you can't brush your teeth when you're out, when you just want to feel refreshed, when you want to wake up drowsy, etc.
Everyone has tried mint tablets at least once.
Peppersmith mint tablets are made with carefully selected ingredients, including mint grown on small farms in the UK and the highest quality lemons grown in Sicily, and contain no sugar, artificial sweeteners or synthetic flavours.
Sweetened with 100% plant-based xylitol as a sugar alternative.
Furthermore, the tablets come in plastic-free packaging and are designed with the environment, your body, and comfort in mind.

■English Peppermint (Green)
The refreshing flavour of Hampshire English peppermint.

■Extra Strong Eucalyptus Mint (Blue)
Made with natural eucalyptus oil and English peppermint from Hampshire, this product is recommended for those who prefer a more refreshing and cool sensation.

■Sicilian Lemon (Yellow)
Refreshing flavours of Sicilian lemon and Hampshire English peppermint.

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