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Following on from the last STAFF VOICE, this time staff members yk and Mami tested out the just-released coconut milk scrub to see how it felt to use.
When it comes to coconut, some people say, "I don't like the sweet smell," while others say, "I absolutely love it."
Coconut milk scrub is a product that people will have very different opinions about, so it takes some courage to try it.
It's even more difficult when it comes to shopping online. I hope this article will be helpful for those of you who are in this situation.

*Scrub names are abbreviated below (Coconut Scrub, Coco Rose Scrub, Amethyst Scrub)

yk: If I see the word coconut I'll buy it right away, so coconut milk scrub is a godsend ♡
I was in high spirits right up until the release!

Mami: HERBIVORE's Coconut is a popular series with a high repeat purchase rate.

yk: That's right. Once you start using it, you can't stop. There are a lot of coconut scents out there, but you should definitely try HERBIVORE's coconut scent.
It smells like cookie crumbs when baking, or vanilla ice cream, and is close to the smell of real food. I hope you can feel the difference from the smell you imagine, in a good way.

Mami: Yes, yes. Speaking of food, the newly released coconut scrub smelled like coconut water.

yk: I know! It really does smell like coconut water.
It's fresh, refreshingly sweet, and has a wonderful aroma. I want to make it into a sorbet and eat it. Lol

Mami: Hahaha! It looks fluffy and delicious!
But there are actually quite a lot of people who don't like sweet scents. I'm also not a big fan of sweet scents.
But the HERBIVORE coconut series has a refreshing sweetness, so before you know it, you'll find yourself using up the whole bottle. This may be the magic of organic products.

yk: No matter how nice it feels to use, if I don't like the scent, I can't finish it.
It's like health food; if it's not tasty, you won't keep eating it.

Mami: That's absolutely true!

yk: HERBIVORE has released three different types of scrubs, but which one do you think you'll want to use this summer?

Mami: It's really hard to choose, but I guess it's the Amethyst Epsom Salt Scrub. (laughs)

yk: Even though it was an article introducing a new product, coconut milk scrub wasn't chosen. What a shame. Tears.

Mami: No, no, there's a good reason for it.
Amethyst is a scrub that mainly contains Epsom salt, so its unique advantage is that it allows you to sweat thoroughly in the bath and detoxify.
I also like to enjoy half-body baths in the summer. The scent is nice, too.
However, there is one plus point that coconut scrub has that I don't get with amethyst scrub.
It's the feeling of your skin after scrubbing. Coconut scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.
This is great for someone with combination skin like me.
When considering using it on your face, the smooth texture makes it easier to maintain your skin care routine, and I think it's even more suitable as a summer scrub.
Above all, I want my skin to be smooth and silky in the summer.

yk: I think I can kind of agree with that feeling!
I have dry skin, so I would go for the oily coco rose scrub on my body in the summer, and coconut scrub on my face.
As Mami says, the coconut scrub leaves your skin feeling really smooth and silky.
Compared to the other two, it seems like it would be able to maintain a balanced skin quality even if you applied oil or cream after scrubbing, and it has just the right texture so that you don't need to use it after bathing. In that sense, it's a very simple product that can be used by people of all skin types.

Mami: That's true! It's somewhere between amethyst and coco rose, so I think it's easy to use on your face all year round.
I hope this helps those who are wondering which scrub is best and which texture is best!

yk: If you had to describe the texture after use, it would be:
Coco Rose Sugar Scrub <Oil-rich, plump feeling>

Amethyst Epsom Salt Scrub <Shea butter for a deep moisturizing effect>

Coconut Milk Scrub <A smooth and silky feeling that can also be enjoyed with out-of-bath care>
How's it going? Is it right?

Mami: That's perfect! I hope you'll use this as a reference for choosing your scrub for the summer, including the scent.


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