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My Switching Item

Species by the Thousands is a secret boom created by the It's so easy planning team. We interviewed members about their favorite items that they actually use. Please enjoy the real opinions of the planning team, who alternate between desk work and remote work.

[Species by the Thousands Psychic Dream Spray ]

In these times when it doesn't seem like we can enjoy after-five just yet, I go straight home from work, have drinks at home and spend the week lazily.
I couldn't even do my only weekend enjoyment, "oshikatsu," properly, and before I knew it, I had left my day off and come back to Monday.
I decided that I had to at least try to make some kind of change, so I started a campaign to decorate my room with flowers. However, when it came to actually doing it, I only lasted three days.
So I decided to try essential oils instead of flowers and shift my daily routine to a fragrant space. It wasn't a big change, but it made me realize that scents are surprisingly good. I'm currently using "Psychic Dream Spray" by Species by the Thousands. The scent of cedarwood and lavender is very calming, and I use it several times a day. I'm not the type to be particularly picky about scents, but I realized that once you start using aroma scents, you can get addicted to them.
On days when I work remotely, I just close my eyes and push the button in the same old ordinary room.
While enjoying the scent, I feel as if I have stepped into another space.
The moment you spray it, you'll naturally want to breathe, so I always spray one on my pillow before going to sleep.
I guess I got a good quality sleep because I woke up feeling refreshed in the morning.
It seems that just one can of aroma spray can effectively release all the little frustrations that have been building up inside me.

Planning team: ARMY

[Species by the Thousands Siberian Fir Soap ]

Maybe it's just a cold season thing, but cleansing immediately after coming home is a real hassle.
Over the past few months, it's been so cold that I've been putting off washing my face until I took a bath, but ever since I started putting Castile soap on the sink, I've found myself in the unexpected routine of washing my face after washing my hands.
The scent I use is Siberian fir. It fits my mood perfectly, making me feel like I'm taking a walk in the forest, so it's become an essential part of my switching-on item, allowing me to completely switch off from work as soon as I wash my face.
When I notice limescale on the sink or dirt on the mirror, I soak a sponge in soap and clean while I'm doing other things before it becomes difficult to remove.
It will soon run out, so I would like to buy Siberian fir again, but I am debating whether I should go with rosemary after all.

Planning team: RK

[Species by the Thousands Palo Santr Roll-on Fragrance ]

It's been a long time since I was in the same team, but at the time, a senior colleague of mine had salt piled on his desk. It seems that he didn't get along well with the boss sitting to his right, and he had a mysterious skin rash from the right half of his face to behind his ear. It was a funny, realistic half-and-half skin rash, and the bumps just wouldn't stop on the side that was under stress.
One day, a funny guy on the team gave me some joking advice, "Just put some salt on it," and there was a legend that he would put some Ajisio salt that he had stocked up for boiled eggs for lunch instead of salt. My senior would sprinkle blue-capped Ajisio salt on a small plate every morning, just like dripping essential oils onto stones. Even now, when I think back on it, I can't help but smile at how surreal it was, but she was a playful and cute person who would say things like, "Maybe it's having some effect." Well, there's always invisible stress in our daily lives. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I think it's no wonder that cleansing items like sage and palo santo have become so popular. It all depends on your attitude, but I think it's wonderful to feel positive, relieved, refreshed, and to rely on such items to brighten your mood. Unlike salt, I can't burn palo santo or sage in the office, so I always have Species' Palo Santo roll-on fragrance on standby at my desk. I also use the aroma spray Energy Clearing (sage). Ah, if I had a time machine, I would love to send it to my senior!!!

Planning team: Annie

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